Today I saw a tree

Today I had business in Terrell, Texas and visited the Texas State Mental Hospital there for the first time. It is a huge sprawling thing, 500 acres, been there over a century. Many buildings are abandoned and uninhabitable; the buildings that are in use are grim and creepy too.

But it has a cemetery called “Wildwood,” way back on a dirt road. It is nicely kept up and the overwhelming feeling you get there is peace - of troubled people who have found rest and calm.

This huge mesquite tree is at the entrance. Note its strength and beauty - especially compared to the crappy looking bench at its base. Just like the cemetery itself. The ways of nature proved far greater than the ways of man’s creations -

I was glad to visit there and happy to feel what I felt in that cemetery.


That’s a very nice experience. I often feel the same around old trees, especially ones who have obviously witnessed much.

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