Today at Work

OK so I feel I have to share this. Maybe it’ll help someone.

At work I was cleaning tables in the lobby and I evoked Saturn himself while there. Before I actually called him, I felt his energy and it wasn’t all grim like the Grimoires describe. I picked up that Saturn has a form of ‘Resting Bitch Face Syndrome’. If you only feel the surface of his energy, you get the grim feeling the books mentioned. If you feel deeper however, you start to sense a variety of feelings. He was actually quite happy I evoked him… I can feel it even now as I type.

Anyway, we talked about my Ascent and he said that “Power comes with Time, and Time comes with Power”. Just now he added,

“The more time you use to increase your power, the more power gets returned to you. Like a return on an investment, the power you gain in turn gives you more time. We’re talking immortality here”.

I thought back to the Evocation of Chronos that my Right Hand Man @RiseorDie did for me where he (Chronos)said: Do not fear time. It will only make you stronger.

At that moment I realized that Chronos is a Aspect of Saturn. A Mask so to speak.

I end the Evocation and precede to fold up cookies in their sleeves. My coworker asks me a stupid question, and as usual I hold back to keep the peace.

Suddenly, I feel Ares The God of War show up.

He told me that I needed to crush my enemies and he kept repeating that. He told me I hold back too much and to stop taking shit to uphold some fucking “peace” that doesn’t exist. After he left, it occurred to me that Ares and Saturn were talking about me since they are both in the Greek Current.
Then, I felt Ares power enter me and I basically spoke with authority and attitude lol. So the lesson was to get a taste of where I am headed in the future now in my ascent. People are even addressing me as King in their greetings, confirming what King Bael said.

It’s difficult as fuck Ascending given my current circumstances, but if I can make amounts of progress despite being caged on every side, then YOU(whoever you are) CAN TOO!

So long!


proud of you


I’m proud of you too. Nice work as always, it’s awesome to see you grow and develop


Eyy look at that my boy is growing up




Thanks for reading @Manosman!

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LOL Feels good, doesn’t it?
Hatred can be a very powerful catalyst. Though for some it comes more naturally?


No problem! You guys are amazing. I’m only a beginner and I can hardly know where to start. But I do what I can to develop further. I do need to develop my astral skills and then I’ll move from there.


same experiences with me

i work with azazel
i want to feel his presence deeper
and i chant

natz fehr ata infernum negra
and suddenly i feel surge of energy
and my voice tone changed

and i start to say

"you want to feel me, hahahaha! wtf i am you ! you are azazel, i am azazel, i am azazel"
so crazy moment


Why did I read this thread as a soap opera ? :joy:

Now on the next episode of “Today at Work…”


Its really amazing seeing someone coming to terms and actually interacting as an equal with Saturnian energies. I myself refrain from evoking outside rituals with any entity, saturnian or not because of weird experiences 24/7 with a dood called Prince Sitri

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