To turn a fresh fallen angel to satan?

So here I am with another crazy situation, I recently went to my local op shop to buy 2 thing’s for reason’s… & long story short I didn’t get them & bought a small red cabnit instead after feeling that feeling of occuipied space calling me. The on same agender but not neccicarly wave essence wise at current time, But an urge to attain it very strongly.

Turn’s out it contained an angel in the cabnit it’s self as the vessel that has once been a spirit companion ( I presume to a local in the area, that has passed away given the situation) & know happily reside’s here with me in my home, while she has willingly & properly moved to another object in my ownership to free up the cabnit. As I have other plan’s for it so I didn’t just boot her out rudley to save concern.

Know to the desire’s she has informed me she wish’s for her future.

She has informed me she wish’s to serve satan along side myself as a fallen dark angel & I have re-named her apropriatly for the time being until a later date (I already serve satan to clarify, I can reveil no further detail’s on that matter unfourtunitly), although her position was “Reguler” as she described it. I feel if I can turn her myself with assistance if needed.

I have stated to her I do not trust angel’s & I will be seeing how thing’s work out, Then within 6 month’s I will aid her in this request & grant her a more suitable vessel exsternal from my self. I have more than one spirit withing as it is & need to save room being the reasoning.

I have in all my year’s never seen or been asked such a thing so I am genuinly stumped & looked for simuler thread’s first but there is 0 specific to this, So I I’m asking.

How would one do such a thing to turn an angel dark, other than involving them in slow exsposure to darker energy’s over time?

or alternativly

What demon would best be suited to this task to forfill these ask’s when the 6 month’s is up, if she wanted to contiue to work along side me after the deed is done?

It’s worth noting she found me after the fact of my choice to serve.

I look forword to hearing from the community, Hail Satan.

You could try my deceased relative who became a demon, he only ever allied with Satan:


Thank you my hand’s are freezing right know it apear’s she also has taken notice, if im slow to reply im just having a good read :slight_smile:

So I have made progress, The angel in question has surrenedered her light to me after trust both way’s was established & I need it for my greatest exsperiment so im going to tuck it away for later.

However she has willingly given herself over for service to Satan & the vessel of her transformation is choosen as well as anchor to this realm, slow exsposure to demonic energy’s, a soul bind with myself & a new name from two willing party’s is the awnser.

Her old name is irrelivent as since a dark turn is a new start for a defecting angel & deserve’s a fitting demonic name even if only temporary & a formal one is given by demon’s.

Hope you all enjoyed this short but interesting exsperiment & a new blossuming realationship for myself.

Update, After the application of the energy obsorbed by a Sinn Eater & a little Shaitan Tribe "JuJu…wink wink) Her & I was finally ready for stage 3 of 5.

So she is know in her “Cursed Grave” were all her previouse nature’s will reside forever & the Ritual is done to bring this to Lord Satan’s attention (Stage 3 & 4),All went well & She know reside’s within the infernal empire.

“My Lady in Black, who has turned her back on her God forever” when she finally return’s to me, She will be not just ally but companion not just willing but welcoming the flame’s as I do.

Note, I will release her information in full upon her return & successful secondry soul bonding for any to contact as requested.
Also in creating this “Gorgious Monster” I felt all the emotion’s from my Sinn Eater inc Burden’s of Sacrofice, Fear of all Kind’s, Confusion if I would Live or Die, Discust for my Action’s, Blinding Hatred & Greed for Power just to name a few as my personal sinn eater is melinnia old & the bulk of it belong’s on an ancient battle feild or throne room. It was quiet complex to say the least & Jinn magic is just plain potent & fast acting, At time’s I got pysicaly ill as well as very energenicly Drained from said effect’s.

I will not be posting until her return after this Sigil, Enn,Name & like’s & dis-like’s as well as meathod’s The full work’s.

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