To trip-up a hyper-narcissistic liar

This walks a line between baneful and defensive spellcasting, in my view at least - so I’m placing it here where there seems to be more activity and lots of creativity.

There is a person on the outskirts of my life who is incredibly inconsiderate in how she affects certain people I care about. She is extremely manipulative in her schemes and has no hesitation to say or do whatever is necessary to get her way - she seems to have no hesitation to ruin lives.

She is the spouse of a good friend of mine and they have a child together, so keep in mind I do not want to cause my friend or his child any serious suffering as a consequence of this.

I was thinking of something along the lines of causing her lies and manipulations to fail and be exposed immediately or shortly after she hatches them - to frustrate her efforts and cause everyone around her to see her for who she is. That said, I am open to serious suggestions.

For one, my friend is completely blind to her malice and vampirism, despite often being the victim. He is in heavy denial and cannot see what is obvious to a few people who have a full outside perspective such as mine on the matter. He feels obligated to defend his wife if anything is mentioned. But it’s not just him; there are others in her life she likewise manipulates and uses, who cannot see it.

How could I trip her up in a serious way without unnecessary harm to the innocent? Any particular entities, workings or approaches I should consider from your personal experiences?

Suggestions, please.

You need a good mirror box on her ass. Make your petition like:
All her lies, manipulations, and psychic vampirism reverse upon her immediately. All her wicked works fail on others and come back to her. In particular, wrap her in ivy or morning glory vines.

Then do some clarity work on the ones in denial. Make poppets of their heads and stuff it with sage, rue, and white roses.

I recommend spirits like St Michael for the reversal work, only because you’re giving her exactly what she’s dishing out.