To (those) becoming a living god, what is a extraterrestrial?

10,000 earths

One Spaceforce

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“What is a extraterrestrial?”

Are you recruiting? :thinking:


10000 Earth’s we talking like parallel or tmjust that many planets that have life? I’m like obliviouse to alien life I just had a ship the ones that can I stantly basically go from ground level to atmosphere. Say hi to me once they flashed a bright white light on me and knocked me out of meditation outside I seen it ribbon the sky flying away still flashing. I’m interested in them but I did tell Lucifer when I asked to be his son that I’d defend this planet from alien invasion, just referring o them tryin to enslave type of thing Novi teract

No but is would be nice to see you at the assembly of gods.


Thanks, I’ll check my schedule. :wink:


Feeling left out where my invite jk jk I know I’ma newb still and don’t know if I’m going to be transformed upon death yet or not I was my beliefe I was goin to back in the day now I’m confused but I do know my unborn baby son is hugely anticipated but the spirit realm I had visions of the change in faith, but now I believe it wasn’t adding that much faith it was hope cause why did his influence appear as pink.
Aura elemental Leal, I have a hard task at finding the write mother then hopefully getting someone preferably a muse to come in, either way I know he’s gonna be loved and stonger then I was at my peak.

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Merkaba.? Possibly it is one of us. Possibly were being always watched? I myself believe we are the seeds.

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Merkaba as a potential for Aura?

Light Body Maybe? Im gunna go ahead and say Yes, since I had lost my true Lapis stone then found it after typing to you lol idk
Look into spontaneous human combustion, Merkaba is a tetrahedron of energy around your body it’s said to be the pleidians light body and Vehicle

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Ok I’ma go write his name down for someone I need to connect to. Thank you even if he doesn’t end up being him I’ll still have one more friend and one more fond of Aura and having hope for him

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These things were not seen by you?

Pm me if you have time.

I haven’t actually percieved much about who might be aura’s spirit I’ve only recently started to think he would be a reincarnate befor that I thought a new human.

I didn’t see that but spontaneous combustion is something I’ve always been infatuated with so, I have no clue if it was him or not but seen a blurry image unlike the ones I’ve seen befor nod head no he’s not aura yes he is my friend.

Btw feel free to pm me for tarot reading or find my page I’m doin that right now