To Thine Own Self Be True

I was just gonna leave this in my journal Ari’s morning Rituals but I thought someone else may like to do this challenge along with me. And more magicians would probably look at it if it had its own title.

I dont want to type it all out again so I provided the link to my journal. If anyone is interested in joining me or just wants to follow my journey, i will post updates on both threads. For the sake of this work.

I’m Arianna Knight and I approve this message. :+1:


I will be writting in this later today.

I have alot going on with this for the next 30 days.


So what I need for the ritual I’m going to do is …

Honey :honey_pot: :heavy_check_mark:
Water :shower: :heavy_check_mark:
Rose water :rose: ordered
Hekate incense :heavy_check_mark:
Human bone fragment ordered.

And I’ll have a candle :candle: or candles :candle: :candle:
I’m sure.