To the whole BALG Family

I would like to share the with all the brothers and sisters!!!

3,500 Occult Manuscripts Will Be Made Freely Available Online - Thank You Dan Brown



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Fantastic! I’m having deja vu! :grinning:


This is awesome :slight_smile: though it also assures that I’ll never catch up on my reading :laughing:



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I smell a topic merge coming! :grinning:


Is it 3500 different manuscripts

If I’m really family will you include me in your will?

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Wups!!! Damn!!!

Ok @Lady_Eva I guess you can lock this thread

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Not another fucking Dan brown book for fucksake…
The bad guy in the end is always the good guy at the start…there I just ruined every Dan brown book,
Both past and future, thank me later.

Dan brown aint giving you anything worth having put it that way…must be marketing for his new “Brown” book -_-

Nah I’m not really a big fan but what he’s doing here is cool, give the man credit where it’s due. Shall lock as requested but this is big news and awesomely in line with the philosophy of this forum as I understand it! :thumbsup:

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