To See or Not to See?

For those of you that require the aid of corrective lenses, do you prefer to perform your rituals with or without them, or do you find it doesn’t make a difference?

My vision is very bad and I wear thick glasses, however I do own contacts as well. I have performed rituals with glasses, with contacts, and without the assistance of either (so: basically blind).
(Edit because I forgot some detail: The only downside to going in blind is that it’s hard to focus on a sigil unless it’s two inches from my face, so I’ve made more efforts to study sigils beforehand.)

I have found that my mind becomes more open to a spirit being around me when I am without glasses/contacts because I’m not unconsciously concentrating on the physical world around me.
When I’ve worn my glasses, I feel as though I mistook reflections from my candles as signs of a spirit. With contacts—ya girl got dry eyes—I just blink too much and put too much focus into how dry my eyes feel haha.


I never wear my glasses during meditation or rituals. I am basically a mole without them and I can’t wear contacts, either. So bare eyed it is. I can see the candle, I can see smoke when I am using one or more candles around it and thats enough for me :smiley: Personally I don’t do sigil gazing with my eyes, sigils are present as soon as I close my eyes, as I would look at the sigil during the brightest day time (and with glasses,lel).


I use contacts, as I am near sighted, and have done rituals both with them and without them, and have found that, at least for me, it doesn’t make much difference.

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I typically do them with my glasses on. I’ve done them without my glasses and with contacts, but it doesn’t make a noticeable difference to me. I know where they are in my area and can point to them with or without correction. That’s enough for me.

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