To rise and shine

Hi, fellow practitioners
I’ve been practicing communication with spirits as more than working with them, I’d also like to learn from them. I got in touch with Paimon and Sitri, and both told me that before I could work with them to their full potential, I should “Rise and Shine”. I know that it’s always better to understand meaning by ourselves, but I’d love to have your take on it, to help me to visualize the idea in depth.

What’s your opinion on “Rise and Shine”?


Just a guess here, but RISE sounds like it could be referring to ascension and SHINE could be making your power so evident and strong that you shine like a star above all. Maybe they were suggesting you need to be further along with your ascension and work on making your abilities stronger before they will work with you. I don’t know what your level of training is, but I have heard that some demons refuse to work with any magician who is either new or only intermediate in their magickal skill level.

Lately, I’ve been taking special care about what I focus on in the morning when I wake up. Previously, I would wake and focus on annoyances and and things that piss me off, and I’d start the day grumbling and swearing. That set some inference points for the day, and created a mood that pretty much stuck with me.

Now I’m very careful not to let me mind wander in the direction of things which upset me, and try to focus on more positive things, or even better, focus on nothing at all!

“Rise and Shine” is so much better than “get up and kill”.