To Obtain Power

One thing that I would really like to start looking into is gaining power. On here I have often found people making pacts with demons and other things to bestow their power into them. Is it possible to reach heights like this on our own? How would we go about doing so?

I had spent much time in my younger years under the flag of Christianity only to have those I care for ripped from my life. I do not wish to give any other being any form of control or play on my life, but I want to be able to obtain power equivalent to that.

Where do I begin and how do I got about it?

I value any and all feedback.

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Spend the night in a forest alone first. Make a fire. Stay there. See if you meet someone.

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You truly believe an entity would manifest?

I don’t know if an entity would manifest if you did so, but I suggest you try.

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There’s a state park nearby that I could give this a shot at.

Any other suggestions?

Read the books that appeal to you. Find out what you truly want. What you aspire to be. Power is personal.


Fair. The term power holds a different definition from person to person.

As for books, I’m interested in the Norse path, but as I mentioned, I do not want to be working with any gods, no matter how interesting the subject.

You are free until you choose otherwise.

I would also suggest that you think about secrecy or going public with some things. What holds the most power for you?

Are you meaning the term itself or items specifically?


I see power as the ability to directly influence people and events. To have the ability to change things as you see fit. In addition, having a surplus of energy and the ability to both destroy and rebuild. Control over metaphysical dealings. Ability to see other realms.

That sounds more like a lot of control than power to me. Except for the last sentence.

I think the two go hand in hand.

Okay. I won’t interfere more with what you think about it all. You know best what you want.

What kind of power ? In society or spiritually ?

I’m always open to others’ beliefs. This is a discussion after all!

A combination of both, actually.

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I just made this post yesterday with a lot of spirits to help with that . There are also A LOT more in the goetia like Belial, King Paimon, Lucifer etc

I came with suggestions. In a fine suitcase. I never volunteered to be part of some discussion. Oh help me out of here, black squirrels! :slight_smile:

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