To Naamah: The Original Material Girl!

To Naamah: The Original Material Girl
& Teeny-Boppers.

I can’t help but notice that many of you are teeny-bopper girls and guys with all of the strong hormonal hang ups and real life ignorance that’s just part of your angst ridden, neither here nor there existence. If you make it to my age you’ll have been fucked up and fucked over. And our path doesn’t help, because it’s posited upon alienation. If everyday in some new way you don’t become just a little bit more alienated then you’re not on the lhp. Just trust me on that one, because I’m trying to help.

To you sexually high-strung young‘uns I strongly recommend Anton LaVey’s classic The Satanic Witch or What to Do When Virtue Fails. There is great Magick in that tome for girls, boys, men and women. I also recommend the powerful Preliminary Invocation of the Goetia, but only if you’ve got the commitment. There’s material about that devastatingly effective ritual on these forums, but don’t learn it, just read it out a couple of emotionless, uninterested times and when nothing happens move on to something else, like the subtle application of better quality hormonal attraction scents available via sex shops or online.

Again I counsel chanting with your own hand-assembled wooden, stone or glass beads and natural twine, kept in your pocket for use in a 100% cotton or silk draw-string bag. 100% natural material beads are available online, as is cotton, silk or hemp ribbon for twine. Chanting names calls to those entities. A Chaos Magician would say that constant chanting makes faster changes in the morphic field, which it does, just not as quickly or as dangerously as the Lesser Headless.