To make new friends

now i have friends but most of them are not loyal i want to start my own community and be authoritative over them.

Now that I’m old, it’s very difficult to meet new people.
I don’t want women around me, I want mens like an army I can lead as I want,How and with whom can I achieve this? What spirit is there to attract new friends to me?

This is very difficult. I know because I contemplate it myself. Unfortunately, as people become adults, they get married, raise families, and/or devote themselves to careers. Certain things take up a majority of their time, so what little free time they have becomes valuable. So, they become pickier on who or what the devote that time to. Adults tend to outgrow the idea of being social for its own sake. In fact, I’d say that the traditional adult doesn’t get involved with anything outside the family unless it serves a purpose. Luckily, Western society isn’t as traditional as it used to be, so less adults have this mindset. Still, the unfortunate truth is that it’s easier to make friends as a kid, teen, or college student, where social opportunities are abundant. Once you’re let lose into the adult world, you have to fight just to find these opportunities, and based around factors like your environment and social ability, you might have to fight harder than others.

I can’t fully answer your question because I’m searching for an answer myself. However, I tend to frequent environments of special interests. Game stores and open mic nights mostly. As for getting what you’re looking, which seems to be a group devoted to you, I’d say get involved with a group based on something more interesting or important than the 9 to 5. Maybe a community service group, competitive team, or gang. If you can find one, then use a spirit to help you rise through the ranks.

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Is it possible to target people to have as friends using a spell similar to a love spell.
if yes which entety would be good

Saspu :wink:

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