To make a coven powerless

So is there spirit you can call or something else one can do to make an entire coven’s powers and abilities useless or close to useless towards you. Basically a ritual or spirit that can one up you because I have a huge problem.

I’m dealing with a coven that is far more experienced then me lol.


There is one of Lilith’s command that does very well, especially with intimidation. He’s an assassin, so you’ll need to commission him through Lilith, but he is very good at what he does and has destabilized high-end companies and organizations in the past with ease.

Do you know who that is? Cause this coven is by far stronger then I am I feel. Huge number of them and they’re older in age then me so that tells me more experience

I do, but unfortunately I cannot say the name sue to contracts with both himself and Lilith. Ask her for Commander 23 of Squad 7, she’ll understand.

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Archangel Michael: