To Lord Satan

This post is dedicated to Lord Satan and also to thank him for everything he has done for me.

Lord Satan, you are one that I know I am just scratching the surface of. That you are deep, so deep that not even space itself is deep enough to show this about you.

You hold so many faces and titles to you, some more known then others. As you have said “I am a God of many faces.”

When I walk outside I can feel you in the trees, in the very soil it self. I can feel your presence, your essence rise from the rocks that lay beneath my feet. Nature itself is your domain.

I feel your essence rise from my bones and encompass my body, my mind, my being. Your dark essence surrounds me like a blanket in the cold of winter and reminding me when I question myself, you are here and never alone.

You have taught me much and still continue to do so with love. You help me with seeing my true worth even when I am blind myself.

When I look into the night sky I see you as a marvelous grate black dragon that has his wings outstretched into the heavens them selves. Your scales shine like a thousand glistening stars that fill the blackness of night. Your horns are mighty and strong showing your true power to all that sees.

Your eyes so enchanting and full of molten fire. Like the very fires of the core of Gaia her self. These fires gives me passion and brings strength into my being.

You are the goat. Your feet touch the earth in pure and perfect confidence. You are like the mountain that holds your self strong and unmoving.

You are the stag. You walk the forest floor with grace and old wisdom that you have learned from the decades of your existence. As you silently walk amongst the trees of old, the forest itself quitens as you walk along the earth. All ready to hear you.

You are the guardian of those that are weak and you turn them strong.
You are a King that governs the mighty.
You are a teacher that brings knowledge to those that hear you out.
You are a guide that guide those that are lost.
You are a healer that brings healing to those that have been crushed.
You are light that brings life
You are darkness that brings on change
You are a primordial god in your own right. Ever changing and ever growing. You creat and help creat what we see.

Oh Lord Satan these words I write are just the few of the many that I wish to speak to you.

You bring me passion, you bring me strength, you bring me lessons that helps me grow.

You help me see the beginning of my true potential that you can see within me.

With this Oh Satan I thank you for everything you have aided me with and continue to aid me. This post is a post that was a long time coming one but I could never think of the proper words for. Even these don’t speak enough about you and how I view you.

Hail Satanás!