To learn Empathy

I’ve been wanting to do this since high school. Is there a way to put a curse on someone that will create some of the symptoms of Aspergers, primarily the motor skills and communication skills. I want to make people know what I go through temporarily. Course this would be temporary and I’d involve some safe guard to prevent the recipients from getting taken advantage of. I want them to experience what I experience, not get into trouble.


A pretty clever idea for a curse, I applaud you.

As for how? Not sure in general.
My best guess are the demons that work within the realm of the mind.

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Water spirits, since water is aligned with emotions. Actually go with @AlphaC too. Water and air spirits.


Good to know.


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Yeah because ausbergers (spelling) has to do with an emotional defecency (spelling again) right?

No offense to the op. I respect you.

For purpose of constructive expression, I do take that as offensive. Aspergers is not an emotional deficiency. Sure, those with it may not be good at expressing emotions, reading emotions, or know how to help someone else deal with emotional moments. But we are not emotionally deficient. In fact, many of us are quite sensitive to how others feel or how we imagine them feel. We can be very compassionate and driven to projects with humanistic intent. However, we approach emotions differently, generally through our own interests and passions. Neurotypicals don’t understand our approaches and label us as emotionally deficient. In fact I’d say neurotypicals are the ones who are emotionally deficient, or at least emotionally apathetic. We may not readily recognize other people’s emotions, but we actually care even when we don’t immediately know how to help. Neurotypicals have those communication skills, and yet they can be fuckin mean and ruthless with them.


It was not meant to be, I apologise.

Apology accepted.

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You don’t need to curse people in order to have them be empathetic.

More directly work with the air and water spirits to nurse and grow the emotion in them.

Moreover, my personal advice would be to not care about what they say and focus on receiving empathy first from yourself for your own suffering and from the people who love and care about you.

Don’t frame this as a plea for empathy, but instead frame this as exacting vengeance with the power of justice behind you to punish people for their wrongdoings. That knowledge will bring you more peace and empower you with the idea that you’re not merely a victim lashing out.

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That is, if you decide to curse them.

My advice would be that it’s unnecessary.


Its not just for me. Say I figured how to foster myself. Others with the condition may not be so lucky. Sometimes the best way to protect others is to go on the offensive towards a threat, and afflicting this curse would be a perfect offensive. At least regarding most issues. Plus, I really think some people deserve to suffer in this manner. Maybe not for me, but for others.

Well it could be necessary. People are bullied over it.

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And bullying can sometimes lead to suicide.