To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent

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“To know” is the bit of theory needed to practice, but also the experience, which in Magic and in initiatory esotericism is real knowledge. “To dare” may also coincide with my interpretation of various authors that the magician may hold back from doing a dangerous or immoral etc. thing; but, in case he/she is about to do that, leave doubt aside.
A modern magician identify the silence also with interiorizing every knowledge, shielding the experiments… Creating a gravity.
It occurred to me to think that 2 occult teachings: magnetizing themselves in order to attract what is desired, and solidifying entities, goals, and so on with the mind, may be one and the same.


To Know: One’s knowledge of the secrets and consistent learning of the practice. Bearing the advantageous hunger for wisdom in which they yearn for. With study comes knowledge, but with experience comes wisdom. The call for ACTION is depicted here in “To Know”.

To Dare: The willingness to practice the secret arts. The ability to discover ones own awareness and excel through the path of the know to become a sage and one with nature and the universe. Daring to be free of the entanglement which is “I” or “you”, and to dare to undergo transformation of ones “self”.

To Will: The understanding of the sexual nature of practice and witchcraft. Emerging as a middle pillar by means of sex and using the male energy, the penetrating force, the push, the Binah, the concscious, to impregnate the female energy, the Chokmah, the aborbing, the subconscious, by impressing upon will with flamboyant exercise using magickal tools, incense, herbs, fire, movement, and energies. Knowing that by impreganting the female energy with the male energy, will give birth to manifestation.

To Keep Silent: The important rule that silence is power. Understanding that we all connect, and to speak of your casting before its manifestation will impose on the manifestation by others knowing and unknowing magickal capabilities.

That is my view of the 4 principals

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