To influence an asshole to leave

I am in a situation where I need to influence my roommate to leave on their own accord. I cannot kegally tell them to leave and do not have anywhere else to go except here. Simply telling them is not useful because they are very difficult and deliberately making it harder for me to be around. I cannot trust them and they are manipulatuve and toxic. And im tired of taking the shit. This is quite simply my dream home and if I need to take matters into my own hands I will.
Im hoping to influence them to find another place or just leave the state altogether which has been mentioned before.
Tia for any links or suggestions


Any mind control demon such as grah’aht’talion should work.


Create paper effigies that represent them. Write their names on it. On the back of each, draw the sigil of Santisima Muerte :

Meditate and think about them. Remember all things that they do, and you hate. Feel that hate with all your heart. Without turning it into anger, just hate. Use your memory to fuel this feeling… don’t try to fake it. It’s something you already have. Just bring it up until you can sense it in your solar plexus.

Keep your mind focused on them, thinking about what they do, and feel this emotion of hate, until you can’t generate anymore hate against them. then end your meditation.

Now pray to santa muerte to make them leave, use your own words. Light a candle if you wish, but you don’t have to. Just look/gaze at her sigil. That would be enough.

Repeat that for 3 to 5 days. At the end of this time period. Burn the paper and throw the ashes outside your house. Blow it to the wind. And give thanks to S.M

That should do it, When they’re gone, give some offerings to her as a thank you gift. Light a candle, white or red, with red flowers or a cigar or apples or strong alcohol. She loves that.


Um, isn’t that a voodoo veve? I don’t think Santa Muerte has a sigil.

But anyway, the rest of it is solid. :+1:

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You could do a hot-foot spell.


Thank you. The sigil is a symbol, this is the popular one for her. You can create your own if you wish.

This book is very helpful for sigil magick :


I’ve managed to get similar people at my workplace to go away before. I didn’t even mean to, but every time I saw them, I would get angry thoughts like “Get the fuck away from me” or “If you sit next to me, I’ll kill you”.

This continued until they ended up vanishing from my life. I would hear that they got fired for something and apparently my coworkers didn’t like them either, though they never made it apparent.

I’ve even done this once on accident. They weren’t a bad person either. They were just being really annoying one day, and then the next, I never saw them again.

Soooo yeah. My method (however unintentional and lame) is to just keep thinking aggressive thoughts about them until they go away.


Opposite of the topic at hand, but would that way be useful to draw someone to you?


Don’t see why not

I’d honestly use graveyard dirt of a loved one to come around and sort it out. It’s just so influential and enforcing.


Maybe having them think “come to me” or something? Don’t know. Never tried.

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You may use the Force Exile from the book Angels of Wrath . That works fast. You should buy the book but it will do wonders oın other issues you may encounter sooner or later too.

Also, Prince Sitri will help too. Though He is most famous for immense sexual passion; He is a Prince of Darkness and holds many powers. If you are familiar with Sigil magick; you 'll do it easily. He may take time but once he forces them, they will leave at once.


These are all wonderful thank you

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Thanks for the book recommendation.

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Try some blueberries hold them in your hand seeing them leave and place them somewhere.

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