To Hekate the Great

In honor of tonight’s lunar event…

All hail Hekate: Goddess, Queen, and Mother!
All hail Hekate: Mistress of the Moon and of Mysteries!
All hail Hekate: Psychopomp to the Dead, Guide and Teacher to the Living!
All hail Hekate: Wayshower at the Crossroads!
All hail Hekate: All-Powerful in Light and in Darkness!
All hail Hekate: Torchbearer for the Seeking!
All hail Hekate: Lady of Witchcraft and Magick!
All hail Hekate: Mighty Ancient from the Earth!
All hail Hekate: Titaness beyond Compare!
All hail Hekate: Unvanquished through the Millennia, Vanquisher of all Her Nemeses!
All hail Hekate: Protectress of Her Children, Avenger of the Fallen!
All hail Hekate: Worshiped and Remembered through Countless Eons!
All hail Hekate! All hail Hekate! All hail Hekate!

  • in humble offering from one of Her sons

All hail Hekate!


Greetings brothers and sisters :heart:️ Just wanted to share something I experienced last night. Yesterday in the am, I was asking out there as to which deity I could become closer to. I’ve been contemplating the great Lilit, as intriguing and enchanting as my mind perceives her, there is a hindrance keeping me in the distance. Yesterday I asked for a scan and the person heard the name “Hecate” now I’ve never heard this name before and of course I started doing my research on the Goddess. I came across a guided video on meditating with her and before the person spoke, I saw in my minds eye a woman, not old, not young, sitting and waiting. Now, I take precautions as to not upset or disrespect any deity and don’t want to kid myself and connect dots that are not really there. You know what I mean right? I fell asleep and had a few dreams about her but not really seeing her, so I take that as I’m not ready as the great mother comes to you when you are ready. But the dream I do remember, there was a person and a door, and “she” was behind the door. I felt something other worldly, comforting, beautiful, caring almost maternal. The word love doesn’t even describe it because it’s just too sacred. The person in the dream was me, kinda pushing me to go there and knowingly asked me like did you get that? So again, I take heed as to not try to convince myself that i am chosen and forcefully contact her. I just heard her name yesterday!!! But is that how the experienced ones feels about their matrons? If that was just a glimpse, then just wow​:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️ Sorry for the long post, just wanted to share


Goddess/mother Hekate is well hard to put to words. I know I was one of her students in a past life and even to this day I hold devotion in my heart for her. She definitely is loving but also can be scary. She is very old soul so the intense feeling is quite normal. But once you have cleared that and open up to her, your life will not be the same. Trust when I say you will be protected but like some others she will guide you but don’t expect her to hold your hand. She is not for the faint of heart but she is patient and loving. But just know if you make a mistake she will be there as “support” but don’t expect her to do anything more. One the things I definitely learned from her is you are accountable of your own mistakes and no one els. She can be hard but in a loving way. She is one that I know for a fact deserves respect when you work with her but here’s also the catch, she does not want you to be weak and a push over but stand tall with her. She knows we have our flaws but she likes her students strong of will and heart and if you need to work on your self esteem or need to break old habits prohibiting you from becoming strong, trust when I say to be ready for one hell of a time rebuilding your self. Let’s just say it’s like going through boot camp but with a ancient and powerful teacher :joy:


I’ve had similar dreams, hopefully 2 years later you received all the answers you were looking for.

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Hail hekate


So is that a blue margarita?

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Well a wine cooler, I didn’t have red wine that day so I improvise.


I think it’s perfect!