To get approval for a loan application

Hello friends I want to apply for a loan I am 18 years old but before I apply is there any spirit to help me?$1500 is the amount I want a soul to have my loan approved.

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I’d summon a money demon. But then, they’d probably tell you it’s likely a dumb idea to get a loan for 1500 bucks. I’m guessing you wouldn’t be paying that back any time soon, if ever, and then be forever stuck in a life of bad debts. Ew.

What I would do is magick to manifest whatever it is you are wanting the money for. Sometimes, you think you need money, but all you really need is access, or mind control.

I have also literally had a variety of physical objects, some equipment, some consumables, show up for me at very little or no cost. I have gained access to vital life necessities in more dubious times. I have gained luxuries in all times. This is why I target the things or situations, and then also do other money and business spells. Allow the transformation to happen over years and I think you will be more satisfied by what happens.

I’m starting a business, so I’m taking out a loan for a profitable business that won’t take long to pay off my loan.


Oh, well in that case, on a more mundane level I’d make sure you have good materials prepared. If you can clearly and concisely describe your business plan (preferably with a slide deck to provide helpful images, clear and concise) and can go over your numbers confidently and accurately then that will improve your chances very significantly. It doesn’t matter who you are going to, an institution like a bank or private individuals, if they can see that you have a good business, $1500 is a pretty low-risk loan for anyone looking to lend to small or startup businesses.

If that doesn’t work out, then maybe start looking for ways to scrounge out what startup people call the MVP (minimum viable product). What is the least that you can do and spend to start operating and bringing in sales, or whatever it is you are looking to do? I know of businesses that reached $1billion+ valuations that started with less than $5k.

King Belial comes to mind. He’s excellent for legal matters. Also, shopify has a free business proposal template. I would recommend trying to find a few of those online so that you can get a good idea of what yours will need to look like. Any spirit you call on will likely ask you to do some leg work. Also, if you haven’t already, you should also get the LLC and the licenses/permits you’ll need accordingly to your country/area prior to getting the loan. This shows any lender that you are serious. Last little tip, chin up, shoulders back and be confident. YOU GOT THIS!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!