To evoke any goetic demon is it necessary to talk first with you holy guardian angel?

I’ve read on A Modern Goetic Grimoire book that is necessary first to go throught the seven planatary realms, have knowlegde and conversation with your HGA and then you can evoke the daemons. The author says it ensures a better result when working with goetic spritis, Is that true?

Yes, because the HGA is an aspect of your greater being, and ensures protection and mediation between the operator and the demon. Think of it like having a very powerful friend standing over your shoulder to make sure nothing goes wrong.

However, it is helpful, not completely necessary. Most of us work without it.

I’m not sure why you would have to go through planetary realms to work with the 72 spirits of the Goetia. That seems very unnecessary to me.


Those 7 realms refers to the 7 chakras, same as how the necronomicon originally called them gates.

The planetary aspect is probably just the paradigm used to accomplish this

Working to achieve contact with your HGA is never a bad idea. A daily practice in my opinion is one big step towards this.

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Mastery of the seven planetary energies is a concept from the Bardonian paradigm; Basically it trains your ability in energy manipulation, which you can use to evoke. Evoking theurgetically (by angelic power) does not require training through the planetary spheres, nor does straight up invoking the demon and trusting it not to eat you, as demonolaters do.

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I’m not sure I agree with this.

The chakras are from the Hindu systems of yoga, and only became part of the Western Ceremonial Tradition through Theosophy.

But, either way, they are absolutely not necessary at all to work with the Lesser Key of Solomon.

@DarkestKnight dusk explained what i was getting at in more detail

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It is defiantly not necessary to be initiated into the planetary spheres, at least not as such. I recall when I finally did my first goetic evocation, there was this desperate need to do something to get out of this very altered state of consciousness I was experiencing, and angels were making it worse (I was trying those golden dawn things, LBRP)
I did however do Libre Samekh daily a few months beforehand. I’m not sure if that made things go any better, only that I was certain that I was taking the right course of action and that I had reached a stage where no living magician could guide me.