To ensure success in any game of luck

Imprint this Egyptian Symbol on a mirror, using a red marker pen. Non - Permanent Ink. Use one candle and sandalwood incense. With the symbol printed on the mirror. Look intently at the symbol imprinted on the mirror, while keeping the object of your desire fixed within your mind. Peer deeply into the symbol and visualize the symbol glowing brightly as though on fire. Observe the symbol, while intoning your objectives loudly. Feel the power that this symbol is radiating out. Do this for about 10 minutes, each day until your objectives come to pass.


Which book did you take this picture from? Are these the authors directions or your own? Have you used this method? What experiences have you had with it? How did it affect the rest of your practice? :slight_smile:

I ask because these are all important things that we should know, before we go opening and using random sigils from random books, without any real information on it, and because of copyright purpose, we try to be sure that we give credit where it is due, without taking an entire work from an author and giving our experience to show we have a valid reason for sharing.


Is this from a book or another website? :slight_smile:

And can you please share whether it’s worked for you, and maybe a little info?

Otherwise “Try this ritual” is kind of a risky business for people, so some personal experience makes all the difference (and attribution, if this isn’t your own work, also avoids nasty DMCA notices!).

Cheers! :+1:


The OP’s intro back in December says he has no experience in magick, has just read a bunch of books, so this is probably taken form one.