To Drink or Not to Drink

Quick question…is it ok to drink the alcohol poured to a demon/deity after a ritual? Pouring it out seems to be such a waste. Or would that be seen as disrespectful to the deity you poured it for?

Most people drink it because it allows the spirit to experience what you experience.

However, just to be safe, ask the spirit what they want you to do with it.


Generally, when you make the offering of a drink to a spirit, you DO NOT drink it. You pour it out upon the Earth while giving thanks to the spirit after about 24-48 hours.

However, if the offering is of the experience of the drink (not the drink itself), then you allow the spirit to use your taste buds as you drink.


It’s an offering, what do you mean “it’s a waste”? You offered it, it’s not yours anymore.

As DarkestKnight said, unless you offered the experience of the drink, then you pour it on the Earth.


If you live in the US and have Native American guardians near where you practice, ask them before pouring toxins including alcohol on the Earth, and pour down the sink of they object. I haven’t run into this yet but I know someone who had a group of three Native American spirits bound to a large stone in her yard and did… she experienced bad luck and physical issues like neck aches. She tried to 'help them move on ’ and they got quite offended - then she apologised, stopped doing what they didn’t like and it was all fine again :slight_smile: Anywhere else it’s not mentioned as an issue.


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Don’t waste it, share it. I always clink glasses after every evocation, I pour myself the same drink I offer :smiley:


I prepped my earth shrine for my birthday. I have a small vessel that various liquids (from water to Gatorade to other) are placed in. I’ll be offering Mississippi Mud (a beer) and probably cake in the other dish. It will sit for a long while. I’ll have my own I plan to drink. Now it may sit for far longer as this is a shrine to the earth entities and like the earth… it sits and sits and sits. Since the shrine is a big mound I constructed I could pour it on it after a time before offering another.
Musically the vessel has water and a plant. But it’s time for a partake in libations.

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Possibly, be careful not to see it as a waste, because the emotion is part of the gift. Explanation:

Imagine someone gives you a lovely gift that you’re excited about, you thank them and look for something nice to give them in return, and you’re really happy they thought of you.

And then you hear them grumbling to another friend it cost too much and they feel like they watsed the money… it would REALLY fucking hurt, and completely ruin the gift, make you wary of how much that person is actually a friend, and generally piss you off.

So be careful, it’s always better to give an offering you can completely relinquish than a flashy one that you will count the cost of, and maybe resent.

Second, to the practicalities of sharing/not sharing offerings in general, and disposal afterwards, I posted about that in this tutorial:


That was my biggest concern, on how to relinquish an offering. Or how long do you leave the offering, in this case alcohol, out vs when to pour it out…

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Great, I covered that in the link above. :+1:

depends on the spirit. If U R sure that imbibing the essence of the spirit won’t cause U any harm then U can drink it as a consecrated food/drink. If U offered It to the dead, ancestors, or spirit which has strong dark shade, it is better not to take that essence in U through that drink.

For example eating/drink which was offered to saturn is FOR SURE not wise, but if it was Offered 2 Jupiter/sun then imbibing will Help U take its current In U in a strong way.