To draw, To Trace, or To Print? (SIGILS)

I’ve always wanted to ask this and thought this would be a good time. Whats the best to do when working with sigils to draw them freehand? To Trace them? or just print them out? or does it matter at all?
What do you think? Thanks for the help!

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Draw them free hand.


Personally I trace them, so it’s as accurate as it could possibly be. I’m not that great of a free hand drawer anyway. Plus, I feel more connected to the sigil if I trace it myself, instead of simply printing it out.

Okay, I’m just completely awful at free hand drawing and they never come close to looking like the actually sigil

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I get that.

Print it out first and then copy it side by side, always use pencil first so if you mess up you can correct it.

practice makes perfect. :grin: :+1:

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Okay! Thank you very much!

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I like drawing them by hand. If you have trouble with things like circles and triangles, you can use some geometric tools.


Do not bother yourself with fairly irrelevent stuff, just print it out. Importance is in opening the sigil and making a connection with the Chosen one …


Your welcome,

Oh and the benefit of drawing free hand is that it will increase and strengthen your connection to the sigil, and the spirit will appreciate the dedication.


You can print it ou,t but then go over it in ink yourself to imprint the sigil with your energy. That is why is is best to draw it yourself because it is the imprinting of your energy into the sigil that is helpful in connecting to it.

i have opened sigils on both my computer and cell phone and I have found it far easier connecting to those I have drawn.


Okay! Thank you so much!

I freehand most of mine in pen but I have a painted Clauva Nox (acrylic). I think the paint is very good at absorbing and transmitting energy. Probably not practical for everything, though. Using digital and copyied sigils are okay to use.

I uploaded grey versions of Belial’s gateway stuff for this reason, to print then draw over - printing in grey is always a good middle solutuon for a complexe sigil. :+1:

(Photobucket may have fukd those links, I need to go check at some point and uupload them here instead. :roll_eyes: )


I do all 3 I free hand alot though with candles & drawing it’s really up to you


I freehand my temporary sigils, and either trace, carve, burn or engrave the permanent ones

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I trace them and sometimes I’ll get a printed one with thick lines I have to Color in on my trace so it becomes a pre-spirit work meditation on that spirit


I thought about this earlier,

With modern tech, you can make writing/statements/magickal code inside of every sigil.

Basically write your code and shrink it tiny and wrap it around the sigil’s lines to mimic the strokes. Ta da you now have a magickal script in sigil form.

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I usually free hand it, I’ve notived the more i work with a spirit the cleaner the sigil is next time i draw it. :thinking:

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Are you talking sigils or seals?


Sometimes I draw them sometimes I just use my blood and my fingers