To curse someone

Just a question, please.
To curse someone is enough to know only his name?
No picture, no date of birth…



Visualization of your enemy face is important then.


Yep. Never tried it myself but don’t see why not.

You can connect to someone energetically with little more than a screen-name or a sample of text they’ve written. Anything that has their energy signature should be good.


Thank you


Huh. I thought baneful magick was like… a requirement to be respected here.

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Just for that, I’m gonna energetically connect to your username and send you some blessings.

Prepare to find $100 on the street tomorrow or something, buddy.



oh waves arms, me too, me too!!!

No op, its not necessary to even have their real name, just something that links to them. I’ve been known to ask for pet names, if someone didn’t want to reveal their real name- honey boo bear, is more than enough to go on, if you can trace that off someone else to whoever honey boo bear is.

If you’re not that good with energy work, demons and angels and djinns and loa’s (Lions and tigers and bears OH MY) are, so they don’t need the specifics either, they just need an idea of where to trace that link to. :stuck_out_tongue:




I have done this, I only had their name but did have a glimpse of them.

I found it useful to focus on a connection to that person. Then the thing that they had done. Work on Building up your intentions.

Visualising really helps, something that connects you to them will help but is not necessarily required.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to a deity to make sure you’re targeting the right person.


It depends on the curse. Some curses require these things because they’re a key ingredient for the spell to go off. Magically speaking a lot can be accomplished with only visualization but when it comes to doing spells that’s just a small part of a bigger process.

Inb4 muh evil eye

I know this is a broad generalization but I imagine most people wish their enemies were dead all the time. If doing a successful curse was as simple as visualizing someone or glaring at them and wishing death would befall them then there would be a lot of dead people.

There’s a process involved in spell work. It’s almost like a set of rules you have to go by in order to accomplish a specific result. In the case of cursing someone you have to find a way to expell all of your hatred and anger you have for your enemy and direct that energy to them. So some kind of connection or link must be established to your target. This is usually done with a fetish item. After you do a curse you’re supposed to feel a sense of relief or catharsis. This is how you’ll know the spell is going to go off. There’s steps to this process that need to be taken into consideration if you want to be successful.


Not dead but bad luck and draining energy is possible just by visualising and creatung elemental thought forms.
For death curses- picture and poppet of the enemy using article of the target (signature / handwriting / hair/ cloth ) is a must.

Not really. I once used a facebook profile on my phone. You just need to be able to link to where you’re sending the energy, and those things provide that a bit easier, but not necessary if you can fine tune the targeting.

Draining energy is possible through visualization alone. Thoughtforms can be created solely by visualizing one but giving it enough juice to hurt someone is a different process.

I agree for the most part. I know there’s some exceptions to the rule but I’d rather go the route you’re describing.

Yes thats correct
You can stab the doll or pic with frenzy of anger …

I got all these from books written by experienced authors

For making things more hard (voodoo doll book)
Bury the doll in a path where your target is guaranteed to walk over it.

Even authors bullshit about their experiences. You can’t take everything as face value in occult books.


Otherwise the books won’t sell you know.

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If it can be drained it can be killed too.


But my target has protection and i am still figuring out how to remove his protection