To controll someone's mind with demons


i want to sell something, can i work with a demon to controll a spefick target’s mind, so that he/she buys what i sell. if so what are the limitations.
for ex can i sell a cup of piss for $666 or a random piece of a4 paper for $1300

which of the 72 demons should i work with?
could i work with different demons on the same target or will that be countering the magick?


Try experiments and see , everyone’s experience is different .

okay thanks for the reply.

do you know which demons are for mind controll
because some demons are good in controling thoughts of targets, will other demons control emotions.

i wantend to work with satanchia but i think satanachia works only in the sexual mind control domain. could i work with satanchia to control a target’s mind so that he buys me product?
i ask this because i can not hear or communicate with spirits so i can not ask them directly. and i dont want to do a petition or sigil gazing and than accidentally offend the demon by asking for a thing thats not in there lane.


Try Bune perhaps .

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Don’t modern artists do this very thing, except for 10x-100x the prices you’re speculating?

The modern art world could very well be an elaborate money laundering system. Do some research if you’re curious.


King Paimon is great for that. But since it’s a business, King Belial could also help, I think.


Although you asked for help with specific demons, I would like to add a relatively easy spell that can be used in addition to working with them.

If you work with candle magick you can easily put an idea into someones head. You only need a few spell items.

Purple Skull Candle
Commanding or Controlling Oil
Bend over powder
-Calamus root
-Licorice root
-High John Conquer Root
Small petition paper with desired result
Small witness sample/taglock

First carve the targets name into the top of the skull.

Then use a nail or something to carve out a small whole just big enough for the witness sample and put it in. Be sure to pack the wax back on top of it.

Then dress it with your oil and fix it to a fireproof base.

Next sprinkle the skull with your bend over powder.

Now anoint each corner and the center of your petition paper.

Go ahead and light your candle and burn your petition in the flames.

You can do this while evoking a particular demon or instead of evocation.

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i like this kind of input.

thanks for you information.

but how about if you work with a demon to control someone mind, and also do a different type of magick that is related with the same result. i thought it will counter act.

with petition magick i read that you could only do 1 petition at the time or that you can not adress it to many spirits because it will counter.

what are the reasons why magick could counteract? i really want to understand that

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You’re welcome.

Well there is nothing wrong with doubling down on spellworks. All you are doing is adding more corresponding elements.

Many books that teach how to connect to spirits thru sigil do not require any kind of ritualistic work. But you can definitely add some candle magick, herb and oil magick to enhance your work.

Spirits, Angels and Demons all have various qualities that correspond with certain elements. For example you are doing baneful work and you call on a specific demon to aid you. Well baneful work is associated with Mars (Tues) and Saturn (Sat); so it’s best to conduct or begin your work on one of these days.

Also you may want to use a black candle or a black lucifer shaped candle. Or a candle in the color that’s associated with the demon you are summoning. Adding some baneful herbs and oil to the mix just strengthens it.

The only way your work would “cancel itself out” is if you did two completely opposite spells. Also make sure that when casting multiple spells that you do it as a planned ritual (more or less) and not out of desperation, doubt or a lust for results.

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thank you very much indeed. for you energy and time and your intuition that guided guided you to this topic.

Mecury every time i asked a question i got this kind of elaborated answer.

Mecury every time i ask a question i got answers with additional information that i did not directly asked for but it is exactly what i need to know

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