To Cause Destructive Consternation - has anyone used this spell?

It can be found in Baneful Magick, page 77. Considering the intensity of the ritual itself and how far the magician has to go in order to cause their enemy great suffering it has to be really effective right? And to what degree do I have to feel the pain from the candle’s flame? Should I burn my hand or is holding it above the flame close enough to feel the heat and some pain a good option as well?

Thank you, C.

You hold your hand high enough to feel the heat and pain, but not close enough to receive damage.


I have not personally done this ritual myself, but I do know it. I would have to say that holding your hand above it just so that you can feel pain, but not do any real damage should be effective. Then again, I am a bit of an extremist and would probabley keep it as close as possible without it breaking my focus. The point is to inflict damage on the target, not to suffer needlessly.

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