To Call Someone To You

As I’m fairly new to this wonderful forum, I thought I’d share a favourite and very effective spell of mine.

This is a very potent spell to call/summon someone to you who’s being stubborn or difficult to get hold of or even purposely avoiding you.


  • 12pm or 12am

Items Required

  • 1 Spanish onion
  • Piece of paper
  • Dragon’s Blood or Salt
  • A small fire

The Ritual

  • Make a small fire, somewhere that is safe and where the fire can be left unintended. This spell has to be cast at either 12pm or 12am.

  • Carefully poke out the heart of the onion, without breaking the outer part. Plug one side of the onion with the paper and fill the inside with either the dragon’s blood or salt. Place the onion into the fire and say;

“Tis not the heart of this onion I burn, but the heart of (person’s name) I’ll turn. May they not sleep, eat or drink until they physically return me.”

  • Leave the onion to burn in the fire, DO NOT RETURN to the fire no matter what, you shall see results very, very quickly. The individual will usually come to where the onion has been burnt. I’ve given this spell to many friends (who’ve had to deal with difficult exes over legal matters) and most have seen results in less than 24 hours.

Hail Satan!

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Nice. I might try this.

Can you clarify:

  1. Do you have to write anything on the paper

  2. What do you mean poke the heart of the onion without breaking the outer part. I’ve never actually bought onions before hence why I ask.

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If you want to put the name of the person onto the paper to strengthen the link you can, but generally there is not need to. I never have and still have had amazing results.

In regards to poking out the heart of the onion, if you peel the first layer of the outer skin off. Then gently place you’re thumb on the root and careful (patience is a virtue here) push downward, you’ll hear a crack like noise and eventually, you’ll push the heart through the other side.


Thanks. Will definitely give this a try

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How do you not return? What if I have to do this in my kitchen or front yard? LOL I cant be setting small fires in Downtown South Florida

Like I said you DON’T return to the fire, once the fire has died down it’s perfectly fine.

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For example my house has a huge fireplace in the front room, I build a small fire cast the spell and leave it burn and forgot about it, until nothing but ash is left.

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This part. Thank you :wink:

I hate stubborn targets but my friends are appreciative of my craft work and I love what we do so I don’t mind the layers unless the details get hard to come by. Like, I’m still looking for a lamb leg from the butcher in my area but apparently they think that’s not an important part to keep :roll_eyes:

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@ianduchannes86 Excellent spell. I will use this combined with my 4th Pentacle of Venus.

I have a question though…

Okay so these statements kind of contradict each other. So if you never return and the person will usually go to were the the onion was burnt then how are they coming to you? They are going to where the onion is, which you cannot return to. 🤷

Or do you mean you can go back once it’s completely burned to ash and the fire is out?

How would this work for people who do not do indirect magick and are more into direct magick?

what is your alternative for such?


@Single_Seed_In_Hell I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say he meant “come when”

Man, this house is going to be stank. Let me go make sure I have enough incense and scented candles.

Well no they don’t really contradict each other, you cast the spell and leave it alone. In lamens terms
you simply don’t go back to the fire while the onion is burning, when the fire has died out, it’s perfectly fine to dispose of the ashes etc

As in regards to the person showing up, when I’ve cast this spell in my own home, they coming knocking my front door. And when I’ve cast this at a place of work, the person has showed up there.


I gotcha now. The way it read it just seemed like “DO NOT RETURN” was pretty absolute and final. Thanks for clarifying.

This is a good one. I’ll will definitely be adding this to my “contact me” section of grimoir spells.

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I may have gone OTT with the “DO NOT RETURN” but every time I’ve shared this spell with someone. And I get a message saying oh it never worked for me, when I asked questions, turns out they kept going back to the fire/checking on it etc

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You just setting fires everywhere, man. I’m both concerned and jealous.

Ahhh that makes sense. Now I understand the reason for the emphasis.

What were your results ?