To break thee offering

So I wanted to share an exhilarating exchange between King Paimon and myself today,
For last night I was given his sigil, so with a cheeky day off work I set the scene and placed the offerings upon my alter, I lit the incense, candles and begun.

I chanted his enn as I opened his sigil,
After 10 mins, the room became cloudy and figures moved around me.
My body started to sway as I heard his call.
As he stated to show me images, my offering plate broke in two throwing a piece to the ground, the incense started to spark and colours filled the room.

I thought I should stop but I couldn’t, the sigil started dancing on my hand, I continued to listen and be pulled deeper.
For he appeared…

We exchanged requests (his was to share this experience along with another)

He said your bond with another earned his respect…

He showed me a gateway and took me through, at this point the images became stronger, a man appeared, then, he took me further, I was Shown a book that would increase my knowledge in magic.

Then there was a flag with many emblems on and he stood there and showed me 3 boxes green, red and blue all beautifully engraved being juggled in the air,

We shared many images more then I could explain…

He then drank from a goblet, as I felt the energy increase around me, crack went a bowl that I use to burn things (empty at the time)
I continued to pay attention as he spoke and granted my request.

My body swayed more as coldness was now engulfing me.

Then two identical black cats appeared by my side grooming each other.

The room cleared and he was gone yet his imprint remained.

For this I share in acknowledgement of your visit King Paimon :blush:

I will be happy to hear of others experience and thought on to why things broke :thinking:


I have never had anything break. But I have had items knocked over before when clearly there was no other reason for them to fall other then one of them trying to get my attention.


I have had items break during magick, always during a very potent practice. I had a glass bowl break exactly in half during a month long cleansing spell I was doing.


Thank you for sharing, @LaStrega @Kybtsmile I think sharing our experiences helps not only the learning process, but gives confirmation off our practise,

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