To Bill and Everyone - Ritual/ Temple Space

Bill, I really appreciate your postings and do not feel that you are overloading the forum. I have learned a lot from people’s responses to your posts. I have a similar problem as you do in terms of wanting to keep my ritual work hidden. Plus, I would rather do my rituals in nature.

I wonder whether anyone has any suggestions for covert ritual spaces in urban areas. I live in Los Angeles and it is very hard to find a ritual space in nature where I won’t be unsafe. (As a woman it’s important to me that I feel safe in my temple space as I won’t be able to get into the ritual otherwise.) I considered doing ritual in a secluded graveyard in my neighborhood but it closes at 5 PM and, due to a prior leg injury, I can’t jump the fence to get in.

So, does anyone have any ideas about how to find good ritual space in the concrete jungle? (Preferably one where I won’t be murdered in the process.)

Hi Orion , I’m also in Los Angeles and a woman, and it is very hard to find a quiet place. It would be great to find a cemetery that doesn’t get locked up around here. I asked the same question a while ago, and got some good answers.

Thanks so much Ixchel! I will check it out for sure!