To be cold

Hello friends. I need some help. Lately I’m having problems with people from my social circle. There is gossip about me, I don’t know exactly what was said, but people close to me have moved away and they don’t want to contact me anymore. I consulted the tarot myself and confirmed that there is someone close to have invented things about me, to harm me in my love relationship and with friends. I’m sure I didn’t do anything wrong to anyone and I also don’t get involved in other people’s gossip because I don’t like it. I worked with Vinea daemon to fend off enemies, rivals and raise my defenses against any physical, psychological or magical attack. And that’s when it happened that some people walked away definitively. Currently I feel lonely and uncomfortable for being in the void, without information about what they said, why they walked away, etc… The intention was to fend off possible rivals and enemies who were trying to separate me from my boyfriend. Now friends are gone and my boyfriend remains distant and cold to me because of the gossip. Did my magic go wrong, or did it go even better? But the purpose of the post is not just to share my magical work with Vinea but for someone to help me do some other work by giving tips on how I can become “cold” to others. This is affecting me psychologically making me depressed and lonely. I wake up feeling angry and sad every day and it affects my daily life with negative thoughts that put me down. I want to be cold so that I don’t mind gossip, lack of information and people’s distance. I know I need this to be more analytical and logical to deal with things better, being emotional is not getting me anywhere. I’ve tried japamala meditations and it didn’t help.

PS: I didn’t find anything on the forum (or searched wrong) if you already have something like this please tell me the topic.

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