To all you magnificent mother fuckers!

In honor of the interview between Andrieh and E.A. (Which I will listen to at the gym today) and in honor of some of you newer magicians, I thought I would give some advice.

I see a few of you claim to still be struggling with evocation or trying to get I to the T/G Sync however when I read your posts it sounds to me like you made it.

One of the best pieces of advice from Andrieh is to take note of the narrative of your life. This is a very simple yet very hard form of magic. Now it is not hard in the sense that you are calling down Gods and wrestling with them, no your opponent is yourself

Your whole life is a story and you are the author. Your conscious thoughts get burned into your subconscious and form your reality. Those that tell themselves that they are just beginners and thus can’t divine, evoke, soul travel, anything thing else are seriously handicapping themselves. Now true there is a fine line between confidence and honesty, but be aware of what you are telling yourself

“I am new so this probably won’t work for a while”


“I am new so I am going to give this a shot and make the necessary adjustments if I find that I need to make”

One is a negative statement that can stunt your growth, while the other is an honest yet positive assessment of yourself that leaves room for you to grow.

It wasn’t until I changed my own narrative that I started seeing success. I was reading my journal last night and I noticed that when I first started to evoke I saw static rain, but I stopped thinking that there was no way I could have success this early. It wasn’t until I changed my views and in essence gave myself permission, that I started having real success.

So chin up everyone, most of you have made contact even if you think you haven’t


And here is Andrieh talking more about our own life’s narrative:

Well said, Orismen. It’s mostly about psychology and imposing limits upon yourself.

Hey man I just came here to thank you, I actually had an amazing inner vision experience with sastan for the first time ever thanks to your advice to not dismiss it. I used to always start receiving something then block it out saying “no this is not spirit contact I am making this up, try again!”

Now that my inner vision is starting to progress I really think it’s only a matter of time of tuning my vision and hearing to start receiving information externally IE actually in the mirror and actual sound

I recall Terence mckenna saying something along the lines of the fact that its very unlikely that this is all occurring in realtime, that in some ways we are a tape or record experiencing its own playback. My first thought is that this is the same as holding a microphone up to a speaker to create feedback…which is usually exponential in its growth. Add in a god-self who is unaffected by this feedback loop, and can even alter the feedback to taste, much as a musician would, well…the possibilities are endless and the implications are mind bending…if not even a little eerie