To all of us - please read: Dealing with the threats upon humanity of planet earth

(*I segmented the text in numbers to make reading more pleasant so you can keep an overview and easily pick up where you left in case you’d like to take pauses for example :wink: )

I need your help, as a team-anyone who reads this…for all of us humans…;

Your godhood matters!

If you ever thought of being a superhero or superheroines…knowing that you’ll most probably have to in order to survive this planet and what is going on and potentially coming - this might bring some sharp motivation as it becomes a matter of necessity in order to keep breathing and have peace, knowing that you are ready for anything…;

Many people here I guess know this but wonder what to do with it.
There are some serious threats that really need to be dealt with, asking for nothing but our best-
to go to the supreme, the absolute, the ultimate and the epic of our potential in bringing our own Godhood to expression, if we want to survive as a species.

I’ll just share a video about what is going on right now still and is ongoing (this is just one of millions of videos on the subject- not theory, but facts)…;

According to the forum rules I am not allowed to mention concrete names of groups in regard with curses for legal reasons-just in case someone would want the liberty to mention curses) however I will tell this: It is about the creation of a New world order against our own interest as a species- in every single possible way. You may probably know who I am talking about when saying this.


  • I’d like to ask some of your time to check out this particular video that sums up a lot of the treats-not to end up in fear but with only one solution in mind- let’s all thrive together-we -HAVE- to make it, and this is exactly the kind of place to share this message…; We are gods…This is Our planet, and as E.A. said…we are the one’s in the end that have to live with what we create- so what shall we create- what fate that WE decide shall we create for ourselves and help create for the world? Beyond the idea of entertainment in any way or form- this is a reality we have to take care of in making the world a better place. Because if we don’t a reality will be and already is chosen for us and closing up on us. Even if you’re someone that is unsure about how you feel about humanity…; The idea of annihilation versus standing as a living god and making something of ourselves, and each other and the planet is up to us. We did incarnate upon this earth to learn to grow indeed as living gods - not just optionally-it’s how the mechanics of the Cosmos work whether we are mindful of it or not- and I am sure many of you know that :wink:

For those that have seen the series 'Mastering Evocation’
E.A. Talks about a pathway experienced with demons that is about self-enslavement rather than self-empowerment, and later on then talks about how to avoid that (entering self-empowerment) when it comes to the left hand path- great lessons shared! There are certain malevolent extraterrestrial entities on this planet discussed below that push people to enslave themselves spiritually.

There are people that enslave other people because they work with certain extraterrestrial beings present on this earth that want to destroy and enslave humanity and are already doing so in many ways.
You probably did wake up sometimes and asked yourself: what’s up with all these types of vice on the planet,
and the enslavement and detriment in so many ways? Well there you have your answer…;

(more info on youtube: keywords: new world order) a word of notice though: The U.S.president is not part of them-according to high ranking confirmed-benevolent spiritual sources of information- his aim is to overcome them and though he is already fighting them knowing about them- as getting help from beings benevolent to humanity-these beings count on us to also stand up for ourselves as they don’t want to take away all our lessons especially when it comes to stand up in our own godhood-They will show up when you call upon them-but it’s up to us to take up our godhood and become masters of our destiny, not only as individuals but masters of our own earth (as a gardener- a care-taker of the planet).

E.A. according to direct communication shares that demons are also here to help us survive this cosmos and thrive as a species. (and they are an integral and useful part of your/the one Godmind-that, in case some doubt it can be worked with constructively and positively indeed)

I can only express my highest gratitude for the become a living god project-because, seriously- beside the guys that do ceremonial magick outisde of this and some powerful hidden benevolent secret societies…they can do great things- potentially-but ultimately it’s about us as individuals being able to stand up for ourselves, anytime, all the time.

Consider this: you are a multidimensional being-you have the entire Godmind full of options when it comes to what you wish to embody and be-the sky is the limit. You want to work with dragons and acquire unbeatable dragon skills to defend the earth against threats- sure, you can. You want to be able to do what superheroes do in movies and be invincible? Sure, you can…; your inner potential as being the source of all things here and now is infinite so, it’s up to you to bring it to the fullest expression…;

Ask, and you shall be given…; Allow yourself to act upon your greatest inspiration…after all, this is your experience of the God-mind with that fullest potential! It is supposed to be Epic so…bring it on, fellow living gods! You won’t be standing alone, as I am pushing myself to do exactly the same…;

Now to the strategic part…!
The idea is to gather intel from as many sources as possible here - for us all - on how to bring about our success-
to getting our planet rid of species that want to and have been murdering humanity in every way they thought they could (including murdering and eating babies for their lifeforce, helping to cause the escalation of the drop in consciousness of humanity with all of the consequences and vices you’ve seen so far, including the middle ages)…

Can demons like Lucifer put these malevolent beings on their place completely-and would it work effectively to send out
independent demons smaller than archdemons to their demise?

What precautions to take to not get any backlash?

How do we take back our planet?
How do we heal the effect of mental emotional spiritual corruption caused upon humanity by these particular extraterrestrials?

How do we make sure that they are neutralized to any degree necessary?

What other aspects of the godmind (gods, …and so on) can we call upon to empower us to bring about absolute victory over the oppressors of humanity?

I feel we all have to take action-due to the fact that this is OUR planet-it are OUR lives too, and that of all
the nice things and people- be it just a phew you can name that are worth saving…
but there will nothing ever be anything better than living at peace on this planet- living free- happy-fulfilled-
without someone trying to kill or destroy or corrupt humanity in any way or form- being able to just enjoy your creation…
because there is NO-ONE that should usurp your consciousness in any way or form- if they try, and they surely did - it’s up to us to tell these to get the f off our backs. This is Gaia and it belongs to US humanity!

Keep it Cosmic!

Hermes Rising



This is a very important point - and they will offer those chains in the form of security, equality, and fairness, when really all that means is handing over power to them and hoping that when it comes time to feed their slaves, you get the same amount of putrid slops as the other guy in chains who’s dishing them out.

But I decline their offer to contract… :wink:

That matches what I have been told and shown as well, many times over.

Hell yes to that!! :thumbsup:


@Hermes @Lady_Eva I will be evoking forth the beings I work with to ask them about this.

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Thank for your reply dear Lady Eva ! :slight_smile:

such an interesting point also saying ‘I decline their contract’ as it makes me wonder - in how far did I ackowledge the contracts - which brings me to desiring to be more autonomous as a being in this cosmos- as it also enhances my being able to differentiate in the tiniest details what is theirs and what is mine as a being.

And a very very great idea about the evocations, it is so much necessary and I’ll be doing the same! :slight_smile:

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@Hermes Okay. I am in with you on this partially. These beings must be destroyed. I will help with that. The means by which that will be done, and perhaps the end goal, is something you and I cannot agree with you fully.

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“Destroy them, Disciple” -quote from Archdemon.

I would say that we are protected. We can stand tall and confident for we know we are the voice of the Infernal upon this world. The Ancient Powers of Darkness shield us and will continue to do so. It is by their grace that we go forth and drive out our enemies.

Of course. If we open the gate for them to come through.

The Fae, the Denizens of the Shade Realm, Dragons, Ascended Beings

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Thanks! I am fully willing to hear your ideas though-without judgement- I am very interested in reflecting together on strategies. I have worked with entities on both polarities so far in my awakening process. :wink:

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@Hermes One thing we can agree on is this: These parasitic enemies must either be enslaved or utterly destroyed. They must be burnt in Infernal Flames and sacrificed upon the altar of Truth. We will not be slaves any longer. Through the God Within and the blessing of the Powers of Darkness those who maintain the planar prison can and will be destroyed.

Sounds like a great idea!

Well surely they have done things and are doing things that must indeed be stopped- I fully agree that we must go on until all of humanity can breathe and not a shred of malevolence , nor even far out intent is present within any of these beings to even try to do it again in the ‘future’ of all of existence. They probably destroyed and killed in other places too-but even if they didn’t - There is not a vice imaginable they haven’t done unto humanity to try to bring it to it’s knees…; so surely…by the godhood within…we shall have --absolute-- victory…; indeed.

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@Hermes There is at least one other plane where something similar is happening. There are others where they wouldn’t stand a chance.

They are called Archons (maybe other names also). Whatever you said is 100% true. Like how King Solomon had command over the demons, in the same way the archons are using us for our energy. They do not want us to grow spiritually and they do not want us to become the powerful beings we are meant to be. There’s a book called “Overcoming the Archons through Alchemy” It’s specifically dedicated to fight against those aliens. It contains visualisations and very powerful meditation technique. I recommend all of you to read the book. I haven’t read it completely because of my exams. But this books talks on how we should overcome their control and at the same time how we can beat them at their own game.


@Infinite_Dreamer We use the term “Celestials” over on my side of things to refer to the beings who enslave us.

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I feel like dealing with it, someway somehow… also helping the fallen to rise and do the right things.;
while at the same time really dealing forever-memorable permanent ass-kicking -neutralization to any degree necessary.
They messed with righteousness- sad for them-they’ll be left with nothing they wanted to get out of it but the fruits of their own demise…; They ---- Will ----- respect life unto the smallest lifeform…; I feel like leaving them no choice as I guess we both feel it’s been enough.

Haha . . . . Or we could just call them as aliens

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@Infinite_Dreamer They aren’t really. Not as far as I can tell. At least not in the spaceship sense of the term.

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Really great, I’m very curious, all the little things that can help us all are welcome.