Tired, tired, tired

Hello, I got problem that making me engry, thats problem is mi teacher and low energy

  1. She said that i will get bad rate if i wont come but she know my problems, fuck her
  2. Im going to sleep like 00:00-1.00 becourse i got a child and i need to wake up at 5:30 becourse i need to go to school, and there is a problem im lazy when i wakeing up im sleepy i got problems with do anything with strenghth my hands shaking i sleep that low hours for weeks even months and im tired any magic to get lots of energy or anyone want to do ritual to give me some energy ? Sorry for my English i already waked up and im from Poland. Thanks for reading
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Have you tried seeing your family doctor for a check up to find out if your not getting enough iron or might be lacking something if not drink alot of drinks with caffeine i drink alot of Coke cola, cuppachenos coffee that does the trick then i stay awake to about 2 am every day.

I cant drink much coffeine becourse after i got problems with heart

Didn’t know sorry