Tired of this mundane world

Has anyone used soul travel to reach a alternate reality or alternate time line with real fantasy creatures? I mean in the physical sense, not spiritual.


It’s quite likely to put a different light on mundane world with your magick, soul travel included.
The first big shift I felt with past lifes exeriences.

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Accidentally, i have. I didn’t know what was actually going on that day. I was just following a direction i didn’t even know about. Then i ended there.

That place should be called paradise.

No hatred, no anger, all with pure mind. A nursing mother passed by and something her baby was eating fell to the ground, a dog came to pick it, and gave it to the woman. Some of them brought out phone to snap me, asked to take pictures with me. No running from wild animals and beasts, everywhere was peaceful. The kids want me to follow them to play, to go swimming…i was just there speechless…they didn’t preach love, they are love.

I didn’t know the planet or kingdom it was…i was just following directions.