Tired of that resin incense smell?

5 Dollar Fog Machine

Basically all you need to do is use the smoke that you make using the video above as your manifestation base, you can mix in a little fresh blood for demonic evocations. You can also make a nice house cleansing smoke bomb if you put some florida water in there. Enjoy

Creative, the question is how long will the steam last until you’ve gotta refill the fluid?

Just fill up the container with a few ounces or make a pump from some parts you get in the aquarium supply at walmart. It will last as long as you need.

Great discovery…I will try this as I personally do not like the smell of all that incense and resin…sinus stop up for me…lol…
I love this concept…thanks

That’s pretty tight, Necromaster. In your opinion, how is this as a manifestation base? Pretty comparable to incense?

I like your pump idea as well. I would worry about the fog juice running out in mid-ritual. It’s easy enough to ritualize adding new incense to the coals so as not to disrupt the trance state, but fiddling with fog juice might mess up the mojo a bit. A simple pump or gravity feed system could easily mitigate that.

You say it also works by putting several ounces in the vessel instead. About how long do you get out of that?

Anyway, very cool stuff man. Very cool.

Great idea, and as already mentioned, thanks :slight_smile:

brilliant man!

Also cheaper than buying coal and incense, glycerin is $3 at walmart and purified water is ¢84. It makes a good manifestation base that works just as well as smoke in my opinion.

Great suggestion. I have a fog machine I was gonna get rid of but now I’ll be putting it to use. Thanks!

Try this for extra effect…

I really want to try this now! Add a drop of essential oil related to the spirit you want to evoke if you want too could be a good idea!

Or blood

do you need top of a 2 liter ok can you leave it out? I don’t know what the desired effect is to be looking for have never used coal and resin before what do you suggest?

The two-liter top is a condenser - it will help create a more dense fog/smog out of the top. You could probably leave it out, but it will improve the effect. And it’s just a plastic funnel anyway. Try it both ways and find out what works for you. :slight_smile:

ok thanks just didn’t know what it was for.

interesting concept however i find the incense helps with the “trance-like” state and focus’ needed to perform rituals. But thanks for sharing :smiley:

The other tenets in my office space are raising eyebrows at the intense smoke cloud that lingers for hours in my office, so I might give this a try. Add in a little bat’s blood oil, or abramelin oil, and I should be golden!

Thanks, Necro!

You know, I filmed a bunch of rituals for the Evocation course, but I had some major technical issues like the mic going out, thumping heartbeats on the audio that weren’t audible in the rituals, etc., so I have to refilm them, and I think I’m going to use this for the manifestation base for these future workings and see how it goes.

So, I tried this using a scented oil burner with a glass dish that you pour the oil into. It took at least 15 minutes to get hot enough to start evaporating, and then the smoke it released was extremely weak. I took the mixture down to 2:1, and it was still weak. Finally, 1:1, and the smoke wasn’t that much stronger. Going to have to stick with tried and true copal resin, I think.

E.A. how much copal do you use for an evocation? I gave my incense censer a test run the other day with some white copal resin. I tried out just a few small grains and see how much smoke was produced, I then progressed like this till I had two chunks the size of a thumb nail, just checking for the duration/amount of smoke being produced. By the time I had finished my entire house was smoked out and even after I left the house I could smell the incense when I exhaled lol.