Tired of being the plain Jane

I feel so lost , no sex life ,no love, I feel I am so plain looking , I want that oomph factor to me , I am not ugly or something but I want that ex factor in my looks ,I am tired of being the plain Jane… Praying to Aphrodite since a few days, offered her roses and incense ,I pray her sappho hynm, I think the goddess will test my virtue of patience before blessing me.


I’m pretty plain Jane myself and yet I’ve always had lots of interest from both genders. Usually too much. I say always, but actually it began around the time I got pregnant with my daughter 14 years ago. High school was dismal, I was embarrassed of how I looked, embarrassed of my lack of assets and then some. Now I own who I am, it’s not perfect but I’m perfect at being me.

Try working with Learning to love yourself and being confident. There is nothing sexier in most men’s eyes than a strong, confident woman who owns who she is.

Ps magic has nothing to do with my change. I’m a new practitioner.


Yes being confident is a major key, I am following the basics working out ,eating right but I need something extra, somethings lacking


Look into glamour magick.

Basically, a glamour is an illusion of sorts that you infuse into your aura to make a certain impression upon those around you. You can give yourself an aura of attraction, danger, playfulness, sexiness, lust, competence, whatever affect you want.


Thanks il look into it… I am currently working with Aphrodite & shall continue with her for now, showing her my sincerity. Somebody mentioned to me they test your patience and devotion, maybe that’s whats happening here.

You should also look into doing some shadow work to deal with the fears and insecurities you have about yourself, and the way you look. The glamour magick is all well and good, but it can only do so much if you don’t also work on your self image.


If you are comfortable you could make a thread in the lounge, post a picture, and inquire as to what can physically be done to add a sexy edge? There’s some attractive and confident people on here, I’m sure they could help you out.


Except…the OP can’t because she doesn’t have access to the lounge.

I would make a dreamboard , have someone you want to model that looks like you , once you impress stuff on your subconscious mind it gets to work , if you can manage to rewire your energy to be confident and give off an attractive vibe , workout , dress nice , I’m sure you could at least gain like 3-4 points on a scale of 10, have a cool hobby or something , don’t expend your energy just watching movies or Netflix and wallowing in your current circumstance , mind is everything ,


What is the lounge ??

How would do u make a dream board , do I need to send u a pic or something ??

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@Divineeye the lounge is an area of the forum that is not open to the public. To get access to it, you have to reach Trust Level 3, which is “Regular” status.


Noooooo, watch a YouTube vid it’s really simple , get a board and print out the pictures of stuff y want to manifest , money , car , body , looks , and you meditate on being grateful for those thing probably 10 mins int morning and at night , and since the universal is only a mental reflection it will come true if you work at it


Thank you John wick

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This your referring to is your energy , people can sense around you , whatever’s in your subconscious , anxiety , self doubt , lack of self love and confidence can be picked up upon by bothers , start meditating on just living yourself , and look at healing your sacral chakra , it’s responsible for emotions sexuality and creativity

Thanks I had a few insecurities pertaining to my height, but I am at a much peaceful place with it now… also stretching n listening to subliminals.

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Subliminal work to an extent … I don’t rdommend it , try more active manifestation methods , watch Neville Goddard

Figure out which archetype/s of femininity you like the most, this might be difficult because there’s so much baggage and judgement attached to this, but it’s work worth doing. I did this a few years ago and it wasn’t completely what I expected (nope, not sharing! :wink: ).

You might like one or two different archetypes and that’s fine, you can blend them.

Once you know the image you would love to have “if you had a magic wand,” you can work on consciously projecting that, and incorporating her imagery. It could be a colour, a piece of jewellery, or clothing style, anything that makes you feel that you radiate the image you prefer.

Also try using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT aka “tapping” - lots of info online) and research making Talismans, a Venus Talisman might help a lot here, and using Afformations™ might be helpful, as well.


You had celestial breast enhancement, didn’t you?