Tips/tricks on meditation

Do you guys have some tips for meditation ? maybe some mantras ? third eye meditation ?
everything about meditation. just reply here !

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Learn to breath from the abdiment

Use your imagination.
What I mean is by envisioning images with you eyes closed.
I can do it with Beliel because that’s the only sigil I know how to draw.
Anyways yeah, breathing is a huge part of it.
I count up from 10, only adding 1 second after each breath.

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Timing your breathing works pretty well, not because there’s anything special about it, but it makes you space it out more and gives you something mindless to focus on for a while.

Also, focus on parts of your body and tell them to relax, you may need to do it more than once as relaxation is not a natural state. I also do the same for my organs, skin, tendons, brain, brainstem, etc. Of course those ones can’t really relax in quite the same way, but the point is more to release all effects of stress and worry so that they can return to a null state and stop interfering with the mind and soul.

Using that kind of method to force the mind to relax can be quite effective, especially if you think about basically letting the mind dissolve into a calm body of water, mind-like-a-mirror and all that. If you have any skill with energy work (qi, chakras, etc) then I have found that thoughts and emotions are present in the energy systems, so by forcibly breaking down and smoothing the flow you can prevent thoughts and emotions from occurring.

However, that’s all prep work. Meditation isn’t really for being mindless, it’s intended to allow total focus on a single thing. So once you have a state of thoughtlessness you can then bend your will towards some specific point you desire.


So I’m learning some things as I go, and these might help you as well!
•Make sure you are in a semi-comfortable position. If your tailbone is digging in to the floor, you’re not going to be able to focus.
•You gotta release ALL that tension. If you’re like me, you carry everything in your shoulders and they tense up without you even thinking about it.
•If you start getting to a place that’s a little “much” for what you’re ready for, visualize growing some roots into the earth to help keep you grounded.

I hope this helps!