Tips to newer tarot readers

I have come to realize some things that were wrong with my divination practices. I realized knowing the cards was not enough, that you have to take a couple extra measures in order to get accurate divination.

  1. CONSECRATE YOUR CARDS. This is one of the reasons I quit offering divination for a little while. leaving them unconsecrated is essentially having an open mike for anything to come through. It’s like having a telephone that randomly dials numbers. I have been led astray multiple times because of this, and it wasn’t until I worked with one of the runes that I saw the issue.

  2. Regularly cleanse your cards. this should go without saying though not many people new to the tarot, including me do it often.

  3. Read sparingly. I have had days where I would literally read all day, on everything. not only is it a waste of time, but your not going to take the information you get seriously if you read like this. as much with magic, if you don’t respect the cards they don’t respect you.

  4. Make a ritual out of reading. Include some meditation to start out with, hell maybe even light a candle or two, the key is to separate yourself from the mundane world, and to cultivate a sense of ritualistic non-attachment. You are an empty cup waiting to be filled. This kind of mindset is key to accuracy because the more attached you are to an outcome, the more likely you are to misread, or to have that desire effect the accuracy of the reading.

  5. have some home defenses set up. This is something that I will be cultivating in the near future(when I can afford a couple of things for a few rituals I have in mind), and is something primarily done in order to keep the astral nasties away. The less distractions you have on a spiritual level, the less likely some passing trickster will have a chance to fuck up your divination.

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Don’t think, the first impression you get from a card is the right one.

Look at the entire spread and how each card relates to the others as cards on opposite ends of the spread may relate and provide additional depth

I agree with cleansing cards, it makes a difference. A deck that keeps reading really negative answers is a giveaway to needing a cleansing. This is especially important when reading for others as most want readings on pressing concerns and have a lot of anxiety or pain attached to those questions. Your tapping into that and the cards pick up that astral gunk.

If your doing magick of any kind you should have some kind of wards or protection in place so good call there as well.

Great advice guys.I like to do invocations or open sigils of certain entities sometimes before doing readings but never thought about cleansing the cards themselves.
How do you guys go about this?
I have a special stone box that I put my Thoth deck in.and when I clear my house with consecrated water I usually sprinkle some on the box.Would this clear the cards as well?

im vary new to tarot
the book my Babylon set came with said to cleans them place the whole dech upright and in proper order blow incence smoke on them smudge with sage and keep som sage and chrystals in the box also the box should have protective and divination symbols on them. it also gave instruction for consecration. idk if all of this is necessary but im sure you can come up with something that works I never did the whole system as written and my readings seem accurate enough but like I said im vary new at the cards.