Tips to Help for a spell of isolation to complete my system

In the past, to isolate and remove a person who disturbed me with his envy and anger, I used a large snail shell, I put a photo inside with the name and surname and seal it all with black candle wax. Then I throw the full shell into a cemetery, and after a few days the person disappears.
I feel this needs an accompanying spell to work well do you have any suggestions?

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If you feel this way, then you may. The ritual by itself can still work, so this may be more for you than the working.

You could follow it up with a cord cutting to free yourself. But sealing them into a shell (nice touch, btw) and tossing it into the graveyard should make them isolated and “dead” to you if you put enough energy and emotion into it. If you haven’t, then do a cord cutting and put the remaining amount into that.

Just my opinion.


You’re right, I understand what you mean