TIPS - Releasing desires much easier after ritual

It’s 3 am, I can’t crash and now I’m bursting with magic ideas nonstop out of nowhere, so thought I would share

I know a lot of times the most difficult thing after a ritual is to clear the desire for outcome. It ties in with void meditation and quietting the internal chatter. It seems brute forcing it just makes it worse… Like if someone tells you not to do something, that amplifies the urge in itself

Likewise, the trick is not to force yourself not to think of it, but change how you either emotionally react or feel about it form within. That will automatically change

I found two ways that works well. It’s either Logic Bomb (confusing the mind to the point where it cant think about the situation, eeven if it wanted to) or… using the elements

This meditation is something I recently figured out, and im sure someone else out there has so here goes:

It is exactly like breath meditation, only instead of focusing on air and your lungs, your going to be focusing on purple fire, above your head

Breathe in slowly, picture the purple flame growing more steady, then breathe out. With each breath in and out picture it more and more steady until it doenst even flicker

What it does: Desire is ruled by the element of fire mostly. Desire stems from excitement or extreme emotions. Kill the excitment in the sense of fire, and the nagging desire slips away. Its literally a way of “thinking about removing desire” without your conscious mind becoming too aware of what your doing to trigger the “contrary little hyper kid” response!

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Sorry to bring up an old thread but it’s either this or start a new one on the same topic.

I think I will try your method above.
Other options are what EA said: Just to play a 1 second clip of the desired outcome and then release it. Don’t make up stories: The who, when, when, where, how… That is what I used to do for years. I had no idea it was detrimental. I thought as long as my thoughts were towards my desired outcome I could fantasise all day (I even thought i was helping it along).

I definitely can’t NOT think about my spell at all, so when it pops into my head I play the 1 second clip of successful outcome. I feel like I sent a top spinning into the universe and my one second thought just adds a little spin. What does everyone else think?

Also, how can anyone NOT CARE about outcome. I mean I trust my abilities but I continue to care in the sense that I walk around feeling smug.

If no one responds I’ll make a new thread.