Tips On How To Strengthen Bond With Lucifer

Like are there any simple meditations or things that I can do (I’m not good at memorization, so it’s easier for me to have shorter exercises. Even my spells are only about 5 short lines)

Or should I just keep practicing evoking him? (I worry about being a nuisance in any social situation, so I worry about bothering him. I’m sure hes very busy.)

Appreciate any tips and help. I want to learn all I can so I can work with him to the best of my abilities.


I’m a believer in evoking daily


I’m assuming that you do so to keep connections strong?

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Meditating on his sigil. Doing meditation journeys with him. Evocation and invocation. Try forming a permanent telepathic link if you’re into that/up for it. Basically work with him.


Yep, relationship building, I’m working with a couple, so it’s not always the same one, but sometimes I do it for a random offering.

Also it’s good to take a break now and again, but when I’m practicing, I’m practicing.


You’re not going to bother him. If you’re serious about connecting and having him guide you and help you ascend just listen to him. That’s his number one hang up. Also, don’t worship him. He doesn’t want that. Be the best YOU and have confidence in yourself.


Well, just like with a human, you bond with a spirit by talking to it, interact with it and just…behave well to it in general. It’s not that different if you think about it.


Invocation Evocation & Astral travels!!!

All 3 will provide you with the core essentials.


I honestly think Lucifer would not like this line of thinking. If you are sincere and focused on Ascension or at least common sense, he would love any attention or connection you can establish with him.

Meditate, recite his enn, keep a connection going. And regularity is the key, rather than quantity or flashy rites.


I agree!


Building a rapport is important. Offerings, prayers, call on him for divination, etc etc


I’m starting out with Lucifer and spirit told me to put his sigil under my pillow, which I did and within `2 -3 weeks he came to me twice and speak to me in my dreams! I feel it’s a really good way to build that bond I have gotten such a good feeling and positive experiences with him, when he came to me. Ask your guides/spirits, listen. trust and follow your 1st thoughts, gut feelings and instinct…just ask, that’s what I do and I get an answer anytime from there and then to 24hrs. They help me lost things and when I forget things. I think, you maybe need to believe in yourself a bit more and just do what and how it feels right for you, ask your guides/spirit to help and guide you, just just go with the flow, I think will work well for you…I hear the word for you, try music, whatever comes to mind first and any songs you may be listening to…words…take note of the words…hidden messages…and most of all enjoy the journey…I know that there cab be like set ways of doing things but sometimes the best way is your own individual way that works for you…and relax…hope this helps, hunni x All the best x Light & Dark Blessings x