Tips on Glasya Labolas

Hello members.

I’m starting to work with The Marques Glasya labolas. And I’ve basic knowledge and information (what I could find on internet) with me.

But is there anything else you can share it with me, any tips or any mistakes that I can avoid. It would be of great help.

I’m using yellow cloth for my altar with glasya labolas’s sigil, sigil covered with Rosemary and stroax incense as offering. I’m also decorating my altar with old coins and old rings, I couldn’t find yellow or orange candle, so I’m using the white candle . I’m facing south directly and I’m doing this ritual in day time.
His enn :- Elan tepar secore on ca Glasya-Lobolas

Any tips and any steps that i can improve. Please let me know!!

Thank you.


there are no mistakes. Just cast and see what comes up. if you need more info. just ask the demon himself/herself. Other’s experience are different and their own. it’s subjective. It all depends on your senses being developed enough to communicate with the demon and his willingness to reach out to you when you call upon him. Calling on demons all have the same process.

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Hello @anon37593562 thank you for reply. Can you guide me on website, link or any source from where I can know more about developing my senses. At present I do mediation and some divination.

that you have to search for yourself. amazon gots great many books on developing psychic abilities. Each people is on different paths and stages. you have to figure out for yourself what you need.

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

Good luck with everything. I’ve worked with Glasya Labolas before and he asked me for onion rings, like the Funyuns. He was a dear, listened to me, gave me some advice and went on his way.


Thank you reaching out. That is the plan! To learn more and know more.

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I work with Glasya Labolas and I adore him. He is so powerful in what I have seen him do.

I find he loves Cigarettes and Cider, Gold rings and Dog ornaments. I also offer a donation each time I work with him to a Dog shelter as an offering.

He likes yellow candles and rosemary and likes the bright Sun over his sigil, so I often evoke him outside


Thank you Yennefer! This information helped alot.

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Very loyal but critical.i shouldn’t encourage those little mistakes we do since he is not exactly that tolerant and will let the fire burn your ass before coming to your rescue and call you the fuck out for your pettyness


But my Oh my he Is Gore to the Core. If you like to see flesh of your enemy victims scattered upon a freshly tarmacked road. If you love the scent of blood and the seen where it splurts from your victims neck and other orifices. If you love a twisted spine broken bones then place your money Here.


You’re get at this description. Would be amazing to read your work. If you write any.

But you’re correct. He showed me the same in my dream.

Old factory. The bathroom and bathtubs filled with hearts and livers among blood and other fluids. I hope he is not Spanish because he said something like “be courageous” in spanish. And I felt invaded in my dream. That’s when king paimon came and saved me.

So what you make of this ?

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Well are you Spanish? Lol😂He will invade the information store within you and use your language etc or phrases that kindle a fire within you. Or imagery pulls your attention and interest.
How close are you to king paimon

I do not want to blow bubbles here so I won’t tell you exactly what, I make, out of it since it may, only impede your development. Unless you insist. And if so the imma, fucking tell you

With king Paimon ? He protects me and he is teaching me. And in my divination. He told ye that he is been looking after me since long. Although I dont do anything special and I’ve started using Ars Goetia from 11 month.

But king Paimon got me out of some stuff! And ever since then he is been great teacher to me. He comes in dream only to tell me some information or if I’m in danger.

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Go ahead. I need to know if I’m doing something correct or something wrong. It’ll be big help to know your insight on this matter.

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Well you’re on the right track. King paimon is just bonding deeper with your psyche to gain intimate trust that is REQUIRED for these kind of spirit relationships.He is marketing himself to your psyche which you probably have less control over. By saving you from Glasya labolas. This happens

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Thank you mate this is positive development :cowboy_hat_face:

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