Tips on Evoking Angels? (Michael)

I’m not sure where to start since google isn’t being a great help, so I’ve come seeking Balg’s advise. There’s a few things I’m having trouble understanding. I did assume you open his sigil the same as the rest of the sigils, semen/blood but I’m not sure.

If someone knows a Enn, can you please tell me it. I’d greatly appreciate it.

I’ve found this sigil of his online
Archangel Michael

But I would rather use one that’s more popular.(More successful evocations)


While, yes, you can summon an angel the same way you would summon a demon, by simply opening their seal and calling their name, I would recommend picking up Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand, for several safe, and very effective methods of calling the seven major archangels.

Michael doesn’t have an enn, as enns apply only to demons (though some people apparently call any kind of mantra an enn for some weird reason). Angels have psalms that are generally used to call upon them, and you should be able to find Michael’s with a quick Google search.

DO NOT offer blood or semen to Michael. He will not be pleased. Try a glass of pure cold water, and a white candle instead.


Get a hold of angels and archangels by Damon Echols.

Great book on angles and evoking them .

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Adding to what Darkest Knight said, if you do want something a psalm/hymn V.K Jehannum also has one on his wordpress. I use one for just regular communication but there’s a longer one too, although it’s for invocation.


St Michael’s Prayer should and that sigil should be good, I also advise against blood/semen offering in this instance


Another real good book would be sacred magick of the Angels by David Goddard.


Thank you very much for replying, I thought it was kind of weird to offer Michael, Angels in general semen or blood but I had to ask just in case. I collected rainwater during a thunderstorm so I think I’m set and ready to summon Michael.

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Thank you guys for the advise and for the book suggestions as well. :+1:


Instead of an enn, try a psalm why don’t you? Or use the divine names like tetragrammaton, adonai, etc, and call on Michael.


Second it

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If you need a calling, I would recommend these two:

  1. Alash Tad Alash Tall Ashtu (Spirit’s name)
  2. Veni ad me (Spirit’s name)

The first option is from E.A.Koetting’s 4 incantations to get limitless power (or something like that, don’t remember the original name).
The second one is just in Latin: "Come, to me, (Spirit’s name).
I also like with Angels pronounce their names like in hebrew. So not just Michael or Mikael,
but MEE-CHA-HEEL like that.
On Satania channel you can find some chants too:


A white candle, sigil, psalms, and an invocation worked for me.

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I guess there’s no harm in combining psalms and the incantations together.

I’ve spoken one of Michaels prayers followed by Veni ad me Mee-cha-heel. I can feel the power in those words. Also I love Latin so thank very much for sharing that. :grin:


Have a clean consiouns

There are other simplified versions of seals for Michael, or you could use his name written in Hebrew as a seal of sorts to call on him.

I also wholeheartedly endorse buying the book “Archangels of Magick”.

I triply, quadrupally agree with this and couldn’t have said it better myself. You may also want to burn some incense in offering if you have any available. But I don’t think bodily fluid sacrifices are going to please any archangel. They’re not going to smite you down on the spot or anything so don’t worry about that, but it would be a bit like bringing someone a housewarming present of a few dozen cockroaches wrapped up in a gift box. Bad manners. :wink:

Otherwise, if I remember correctly, Archangels of Magick is a tool-free, prop-free system (someone correct me if I’m wrong, it could involve lighting a candle at some point). Even if you don’t have a candle you can forego it for any AoM rituals.

Also, you don’t need to worry about being free of “sin” or guilt or anything like that.


I’ve actually had more success using his name in Hebrew than the sigil personally but I have heard it being useful to others. As far as offerings go, I have only offered some incense I made with sandalwood, cinnamon and frankincense which he seemed to enjoy, although that could be because I took the time to make something for him. Approach wise, I would recommend being respectful but standing as an equal at the same time.


Correct. No tools needed, just the seals in the book.


Rainwater from a thunderstorm, fuck yeah bro. Keep a good practitioner’s pantry and you can do a lot of stuff

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