Tips on astral projection

I’ve tried so so many methods to astral project and i feel myself getting close but i never truly astral project. I’ve tried a diet based on unprocessed food for days before I tried again and it still didn’t work. What have you guys done that personally worked for you ? I will try to try all the responses i get and update the thread along the way.


Hi there.

Astral Projection can be tricky at first. Some people take years to get it right, some can do it first try. It is VERY strange.

I have been traveling the Astral realm since I was a young child. It just happened naturally as there are very strong psychic branches in my family tree. It did not skip myself and my sibling.

That said, some other things you can try…

A 3 day fast (provided that your health allows this - consult your doctor if unsure) and meditation cycle prior to trying – Fast and meditate for 3 days. No solid foods. Liquids only. I allow sugar on my personal fasts as the body requires it and it helps with hunger pangs. Avoid caffeine after 3 PM. In fact, I only drink water after 3 PM on fasting days.

Along with said fast, keep the incense going. Calming scents that you like. Doesn’t matter which you use, IMO, so long as you find it calming.

While you meditate, focus your energy toward “reaching out” to the Astral realm. Try to feel it. Try to smell it. Try to imagine it. Your body needs time and like many people, you probably have a blocked third eye (pineal gland) and fasting once per month or more (do no harm to yourself, perhaps consult your doctor before fasting) can help to clear the toxins from your body (like fluoride and such) which are the primary cause of closed third eye.

Be CERTAIN to fall asleep on your back. I know others may disagree with me here, but I never travel the Astral when I sleep on my sides or my belly. If you cover yourself at night when you sleep, make it a light sheet or blanket as when you are first getting used to this, the perceived weight will actually keep you down.

The time you sleep and wake plays a pivotal role in all of this. On the nights you wish to travel, try to get to bed early so you can get a good 8 or more hours of sleep. Yes, you may wake during the night but that is fine as each wake/sleep cycle during the night is a chance to make the switch over. :slight_smile:

Nutrients play a key factor. In order to Astral project/travel, you need a healthy level of certain vitamins and minerals in your body. Things such as potassium, manganese, magnesium, copper, melatonin (B vitamins help with this) and B vitamins. These all support the sleep cycle and without proper sleep you may never reach your goal.

Be sure to keep a dream journal. It is how you learn to realize the shift in reality – to feel the change from this physical realm to the spiritual realm. The moment you wake up, write down what you remember dreaming before you wake.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

These are things I do.

Good luck! I hope to see you writing about your success soon and I am sure others will ring in here with great advice as well.

thank you so much! i will be trying the fast starting tommorow, i will update you on my progress in a week or two


ive heard of the pineal gland being blocked by flouride and calcium deposites and such but it is very hard to find a cheap flouride free toothpaste and i just cant stop brushing my teeth lmfaoo


This is also true for lucid dreaming. I noticed that when I take magnesium and melatonin before sleep, I have more intense lucid dreams.

I also have trouble doing astral projection. Yeah, I notice the irony.


Yes, fluoride free is not always cheap.

I use Tom’s of Maine here where I live. It’s isn’t terribly expensive, but isn’t as cheap as the alternatives.

You are most welcome. I hope you get this sorted out and I really look forward to hearing about your first time success!

I thank you for confirming.

Lucid dreaming is one step toward Astral projection. In lucid dreams, we often are aware we are dreaming and control the dream. Once you do that, you can basically carry over the Astral Projection side of things.

I use charcoal and baking soda-based toothpaste, myself. It works pretty good.

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After awhile, baking soda gives me chancre sores so I avoid it. But that combo DOES clean well. Very well.