Tips For Writing A Grimoire Pls

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I had recently decided that I would document my workings within the Arachnean Current, specifically the spider aspect of it. Or what I like to call Current 146, for reasons I’m sure you can figure out. P.S. If there is an official name for it then please, by all means, do share.

Since I had never seriously written something before I am unfamiliar with just how I should go about it. I intend to include an introduction, a section about the deities, spells/rites/rituals/etc., and some more.

So I am hoping to get some tips from some experienced authors on how to format the book, whether there is a recommended order to making it, and anything else a nooby author should do. :smiley:



Username about the Dread Father? Hail Sithis.

I set aside a grimoire I’ve been working on for Pele to do the shadow current. I’m starting to pick it back up.

There are a few ways to go about this. You’ve already picked a topic/current. So you have a few different approaches to take at this point. You can research similar existing topics and apply your own personal spin on them, take the Arachnaean Current into yourself and see what arises from that, and/or find a patron/matron in the current that will guide and inspire you.

With Pele, I had to choose the third, as I didn’t want to be accused of appropriation and similar. I still will, but they don’t matter. She came to me and I will comply.

What this will also mean is that you need to kinda decide on the medium with which your audience will interact with your grimoire. In other words, will this be an astral grimoire only? A mixture? Or “only” physical component workings?

Another aspect is lore. People want to feel like they’re tapping into something bigger than themselves. In your case, they want to understand the web, how it might work, and how they can influence it to their advantage.

I need to address other things, so I hope you found this informative. Even the largest grimoire began with a small section.


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At one point, I was branded a traitor, but that was sorted, with the Night Mother’s help.


Look into Kboards. I’ve frequented them for years and they cover proper book formatting, editing and all the in’s and outs of marketing and other platforms, as well as current news, things like kdp, cover creation and pretty much anything you could ever want to know in discussion, old topics etc. They have boards specifically for authors, regardless of experience.

As far as the rest I have no comments :stuck_out_tongue:



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