TIPS for working with Spirits & DEMONS IMPORTANT 🔥

I wish I saw this before I started working with spirits I followed EA s advice and I was arrogant with the spirits nearly got myself killed with the Demons made my life hell I still remeber how I fell unconsious on the floor and was watching lucifer s sigil and Angels I screamed at Michael once I cannot start to say what happened extreemly bad feeling in my solar plexus for weeks bad luck deppression. He could have killed me because of this shit that Ive done.

I think this is Extreemly Relevant to you Guys. And please dont bring excuses to the Table because I practice and felt all of this shit and am not a keyboard magician!

VK Jehanum reccomended this kids video


Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be taking advice from a teenager. I mean, good looking out trying to help if you feel that’s what you’re doing but this is a path of self discovery. You figure it out, you fuck up, and sometimes you die.
You knew the job was dangerous when you took it.


what of his advice is bad

Maybe he didn’t know it was dangerous, a lot of people nowadays believe that everything is granted and I don’t blame them, that is the propaganda that they receive. I prefer Asenath’s warnings about how the Draconian/Qliphothic entities work rather than the JoS-like approach that is given by other authors and websites that make people think that they are summoning some fairytale tale characters from a Disney adapted version for little children


Yes I got foled this way and summoned the hardest demons like for almost no reason and shit hit the fan I nearly died. Not to mention they made the magick trick me that it worked and some horible things happened with Belial nearly got into a fight that could have killed me or made me be in a hospital a friend of mine got into a car acident I believe because of a ritual with him I do not know what she did

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