Tips for Mind/Astral Magick?!?

Inspired by Christopher Penczak’s Instant Magick & Inner Temple of Witchcraft.

The Book of Magickal Power by Jason Augustus Newcomb

Or DJ Conway’s Flying Without a Broom.

Do you work with pure energy/visualisation/mind’s eye power ?

Does it work for you?

How to improve the results?

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Have you see the Astral Development tutorials yet?

These are some popular ones but if you try the search (magnifying glass) at top right and use different search terms you’ll get a lot more ideas. It’s a common topic and this forum is 10 years old so theres a lot.




Practice and adaptation.

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For now my results are really random.

I add results with weather magick and defensive magick.

But i don’t manage to influence people or find a lover.

How was it for you?

What techniques have you tried so far? Remote Influencing is heavy work and not often a one and done deal, depending on how different the new thought pattern is from older beliefs.

This tutorial is very good and a few people had results with this including me, is this like what you tried?

To find a love a basic attraction spell is the norm, as well as working on yourself: “change yourself to change your world” kind of thing.


Woow thank you.

I tried a lot of options.
From visualisation a place that match my intent (exemple : a river for a love spell, a pine forest for purification…)

With or without physical hands.

It seems so easy when you read the authors about that :joy::joy::joy:


I’m not with you, I haven’t read the books you mention tbh: so, why does a river match the intent of a love spell? Do you have to visualise a specific river in a specific way an your and your target are … swimming in it?


It depends. It can be an exciting river or i just mention “i need to get to an astral river” as intend before the work.

Then i merge with the scene and visualise the steps of my work.