Tips for first evocation

Ok, so have been following the mastering evocation course and just tried scrying.I took a look at the next lesson and its the first evocation. I plan to practice scrying for a couple more days before going to that next video but wanted to prepare for when the time comes.
So I was wondering is there an alternative to the the circle that E.A. Koetting is using or do i at all need a circle.
(Also unlike koetting I will be doing the ritual in my room instead of going outside (of course if that’s not a vital part), so the second circle which is from rocks is also not really an option)

Yes, to follow the course you should have a circle, as the course is designed to take you from beginner to advanced, and a circle greatly helps with the focus and concentration of energy. However, it does not have to be a Universal Circle like EA uses in the course. A simple visualised circle of blazing blue energy will work fine (that’s what EA recommends in his book Works of Darkness). Using the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram as described in the course also establishes a circle so you can simply use that before your evocations.

There is no problems working in your room. That’s what I do.

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You don’t need a circle.

A complete 3-day fast (meaning no food, no water) before you evoke will put your mind into a state where it naturally drifts in and out of deep trances.

Using a modified version of the Betty Erickson induction before the evocation will give you even sharper trance induction. The modification of the BEI is to count objects in reverse order, starting from 1x up to 10x instead of going from 3x down to 1x.

These two strategies guide you into an Altered State of Consciousness. The fasting sends your mind into natural trances, the induction is more deliberate trance-inducing.

During this 3-day period, play an audio for the enn of the spirit you want to call on infinite repeat in your room, to presence it stronger. Also, recite the enn at various times during those days to attune yourself to the spirit conjuration.

It helps for you to set up the conjuration altar with your spirit’s sigil, and a the proper type of candle or bowl on the altar, beside the sigil. A candle anointed with a natural magick oil for the spirit you’re calling. A bowl with an appropriate incense or liquid can do the same. Some spirits like different incenses or alcohols.

I would disagree with this. If you are following EA’s course, you should do as the course teaches.

This doesn’t apply because the first evocation in the course is of the elemental king, Paralda. Enns are for demons.

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