Tips for beginners working with demons

Not all demons are your best friend. Not all demons want just your time and attention. Asking for abilities and powers comes with a price. Usually the price of using a demons power is not just a candle and some incense. Be careful who you invite in. You shouldn’t work with demons as your first spirits. Evocation and invocation is an adept level venture and for a good reason. For many demons, they like control. It’s a game of monopoly. How many magicians can they have their hand over, how many magicians can they oversee. Be sure who you are dealing with before you evoke them into your life.
Some spirits I have met that ARE good for beginners and don’t seek control include but are not limited to.
King Paimon, Orobas, Caim, and Naberius. These are the spirits I have experienced that genuinely want you to ascend at little to no price.
King Paimon is not fully demonic, he is not bound to “Hell”. Orobas is a very beneficial spirit, with little to no evil in him, in my experience. Caim/Cain/Qayin/Camio, used to be a human magician and truly has your best interests in mind. Naberius has been guiding humans since the dawn of time, under different names. He leads one into the underworld and helps protect it. Some know him as the Cerberus. The underworld is also known as the unconscious mind. He can guide you to your inner power.
I suggest that all new magicians make strong bonds with all the spirits listed her. Especially with King Paimon. I highly recommend all starting magicians go to him first, ask for his guidance and protection. Also do divination on the price. Also do divination before you invoke or evoke a spirit.
This is not a game.



Strongly disagree, except for the last sentence.

Evil, eh? With all due respect the word choice concerns me.

Belial is probably the most “demonic” in that book.

Yes. And no.



Is it common to feel nervous or moody after starting to work with spirits

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How to do a divination I’m fairly new to all this