Timothy.....what per cent is completed?



Are you able to give us the percentage of the Divination video program that is completed? That would help us get an idea when the programs will begin?




The Mastering Divination program is in the architectural stage, which is the most intense part of the whole thing, as the whole thing is being designed, outlined, and arranged, so the production will be executed without issue, and the presentation will exceed your expectations.


Thanks for the report…We all look forward to it.



[quote=“Maxx, post:3, topic:171”]Thanks for the report…We all look forward to it.




Yay!!! I love it… Thanks EA.


I have one problem with this program though,… I’m so fucking impatient :smiley:


Now, now, Bran … workin’ yourself into a ‘state’ ain’t gonna speed up the process. Distract yourself; go curse & banish something … or somebody :wink: Z


No worries, just kidding :wink:


May I ask about estimated prices, please ?


UPDATE: go here for a full, more insightful explanation:

Every single program we ever make will be less than 500usd. And most will be MUCH less.

We know that you all are completely dedicated to mastering magick, and we also know not everyone is filthy rich. So we have to balance quality and affordability. We “get it”.

If the average income in the United States is about $50,000 per year, than it’ll cost maybe 1 or 2 days wage. This seems fair to me considering E.A. and I are investing several months to make each one.

Also, to make it easier for you, you’ll be free to choose between our two payment plans: either a one-time payment, or spread out over 5 months.

We sincerely want to make this as comfortable and manageable as possible.

A word of advice: begin saving a little money here and there to make it effortless for yourself come the start date. Spare yourself from the trouble of scrambling for tuition money at the last minute. I’m sure you’d rather progress through the lessons in the program with everyone else, instead of missing out because you didn’t think ahead.

The current estimated start date is September.


For those of us in Rio Linda, that works out to 150 to 300 each…

Uncle Fester.


Having been self-employed for most of my adult life, I gotta say any person with knowledge, skill & ability ought be able to charge a price that provides a decent return for services rendered. I think your estimated price range is affordable, when looked at from that perspective. Thats my $2. worth. (See, I keep tellin y’all .02 ain’t enuf!!!) :wink: Z


Magick is also a very hard market to pay your bread these days…


Thanks for the updates! Can’t wait.
I’ll do a ritual sacrifice on the piggy bank when the time comes. ; )